This game will not be at EVO...

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User Info: Father_Time89

4 years ago#51
AngelSkulz posted...
Haha. This game isn't worth watching in big tournaments. This game has no value in skills. From right off the bat after purchasing this game at a retail store, everyone is considered a pro at this game.

If this game had no skill to it then new players would win just as much as experienced players. This doesn't happen though.

User Info: Mozzezz

4 years ago#52
I don't think PSASBR needs to appear at EVO or have tournaments to prove it's worth (or even stay popular for very long, lasting a few months would be fine). The two most valuable things about the game don't require it.

One of the best things about this game is that it breaks a base rule, no super only kills changing to super only kills, that pretty much no one thought would work in fighters or brawlers (or really any game genre) and makes it work. You don't really need to go into high level play to tell that it at least works fairly decently either.

The other thing it does is that it gets an inevitable game out of the way that almost anyone who calls themselves a gamer is obligated to at least try.

Those of course aren't the only things I value about the game, but the other stuff doesn't really need what I mentioned in the first paragraph either.
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  3. This game will not be at EVO...

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