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User Info: Auroa

4 years ago#1
Hey guys! This is my move set for Lara, remake Lara. Most of her moves are moves you can do in the new game. Others are Inspired from the old Lara of course. Her supers are her Treasures obtained from Tomb Raider Anniversary, Legend and Underworld. Lara Croft is a long range character. She also has to scavenge for arrows, Using the Down circle helps Lara scavenge the ground for more arrow ammo. (not sure if this would balance out Lara.)

Triangle moves = Climbing axe/Melee
Circle moves = Agility Moves
Square moves = Bow.

Neutral square - Arrow shot, hold for more damage/can free aim up and down. requires one arrow.
Side square - Rope arrow, Pulls enemies closer. Similar to Parappa's Mic, but has a longer range/slow when activating. requires one arrow
Down square - Low roundhouse kick, (in air, Bow swipe downward.
Up square - Fire arrow diagonal. Causes the most damage. Requires one arrow

Neutral triangle - Axe Swing Combo. Lara swings the axe 3 times.
Side triangle - Axe finisher, Lara swings and pins an enemy with the axe, then swings the axe to toss the enemy away from her.
Down triangle - Axe swipe, basic axe swing to the legs, causes knockdown. (in air: knocks enemy downward.)
Up triangle - Axe swipe upwards, Launcher.

Neutral circle - Dodge Parry, Lara dodges the attack and stabs the enemy in the neck with an arrow.
Side circle - Scramble, Lara does a quick low dash foward. (this is a quick stance like Heihachi's dash)
+ circle= Foward roll evade.
+ Triangle= Throw dirt, causes stun,
+ Square=Arrow stab to leg and push away.
Down circle - Scavenge the ground for arrows. (in air: Lara swan dives down, if she lands on an enemy she will throw the enemy foward.)
Up circle - Back flip kick. double hit. launcher.

Super 1 - Scion. Lara connects the final piece of the scion and she is surrounded by a light pillar. Anyone near Lara is killed.
Super 2 - Excalibur. Lara grabs the sword and jams it in the ground creating an Avalon portal. Any enemies around the portal are transported and killed.
Super 3 - Thor's hammer. Lara is equipped with Thor's belt, gauntlets and his Hammer. Lara can the Hammer slam which is an area effect. And the lighting strike (kills one enemy long range.) (This mode is similar to Kratos and Dante's level 3)

Also yes, I know Lara wont be in. But here's to hoping she will soon!

User Info: Bestia_Somnia

4 years ago#2
Mixing Lara's together would look stupid. It's a waste of time making a moveset for her when her game isn't out yet. I bet there are plenty of in-game mechanics that your movelist fails to represent properly.

User Info: Auroa

4 years ago#3
Ouch... Actually I retained some of the moves she'll have in the new game. The rope arrows, fire arrows, axe swings and the finisher were all shown in a gameplay demo. Also scavenging for arrows is a big part in the new game. The scramble move with the roll/throw dirt/arrow stab are also in game. They were also shown in a demo too. Check out the ign demo.

Otherwise yeah, the supers were the only things I could think of. I'm kinda hoping we get something new in the new game.

User Info: Crabhammar

4 years ago#4
I like it. The arrow part in particular intrigues me.
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