How I would rebalance every character (with explanations)

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User Info: Terotrous

4 years ago#1
So we pretty much all agree that this game has balance issues. However, I think most of them can be solved with some fairly minor (though far-ranging) changes.

Feel free to post your own rebalancing thoughts as well.


- Increase recovery on grounded neutral square and up square.

Kratos has the range of a mid-range character, but the reason he is overpowered is that he is also extremely powerful at point blank range. His attacks should be more punishable up close to encourage him to stay at the maximum range of his far-hitting normal attacks. He can still use his counter and Spartan Charge to fight at close range, but these are more risky if predicted correctly by the opponent.


- Increase overall movement speed
- Reduce AP costs to 100 / 300 / 500

PaRappa is supposed to be a fast-moving melee character, but he's not noticeably faster than the rest of the cast. He also suffers from a useless cinematic level 3. Reducing his AP costs will make up for the fact that many of his combos leave him somewhat vulnerable.

Fat Princess:

- During Level 3, all attacks are fatal

Fat Princess is a generally good character, her only real problem is that her level 3 is the worst in the game and this makes her offense pretty one-dimensional on maps where the Chicken is not useful. Improving her level 3 would round her out a bit more.

Sweet Tooth:

- AP costs changed to 125 / 300 / 750
- Neutral Triangle AP gain up to 30
- Molotov Fire still comes out if it hits someone
- The missiles from Mecha Tooth now come down after being fired and track opponents

Sweet Tooth is a good character for causing havoc, but some of his tools are a little weak. These changes will ensure that more of his moveset is useful. His level 3 will now be extremely fearsome thanks to the tracking capabilities of the missiles, hiding inside the mech will no longer protect you.


No changes

Radec was once the bane of the game, but the influx of characters who can counter projectile attacks has largely balanced him. He might even need minor buffs, but it's hard to say at this point because basically no one uses him anymore.

Sly Cooper:

- Increased recovery on whiffed counter
- AP costs increased to 200 / 350 / 750

Sly Cooper is an interesting character with unique tools. He has certain prominent weaknesses, but some of the tools he has been given to compensate are too powerful. His level 1 is among the best level 1s in the game and its cost has been adjusted accordingly. His counter also gives much more advantage than the other counters (it teleports to the enemy, allowing it to counter from farther away than others), and has lesser recovery, which has also been adjusted.

Nathan Drake:

- Regains ability to cancel blind fire to run and gun (lag on run and gun to coverwall remains)

The only thing broken about Drake was that infinite, and now that it's been removed, he is fine. They actually probably went too far nerfing blind fire, as it is basically useless now. The increased startup of coverwall already prevents the infinite.

Good Cole:

No changes

Good Cole is already a strong but not overly dominant character with a unique defensive playstyle. His super costs are appropriate for their level of power and he generates AP at a decent rate. - Watch me beat "GBA Summon Night Swordcraft Story" - My backloggery

User Info: Terotrous

4 years ago#2
Evil Cole:

- Time required to fully charge Giga Punch is doubled
- Increase AP costs to 125 / 350 / 750

Evil Cole is an offensive monster with powerful tools. His level 2 is clearly among the best in the game, with huge range and AP stealing, and its cost has been slightly increased. Giga Punch also clearly charges too fast for how powerful it is, Evil Cole will have to be a bit more careful about using it now.


- Comet Strike (forward square) travels faster

Ratchet is a generally good mid-range character, his only real issue is that Comet Strike travels so slowly that he cannot get good combos off it at distance (it is also extremely vulnerable due to how slowly it returns to him).


- Air Down Square can only be done once per time Jak touches the ground.
- Up Square can be cancelled to Spin Kick or Jet Board Dash
- Mass Inverter lasts twice as long, but the recovery is slightly longer

Jak is one of the most polarizing characters in the entire game. Many of his tools are extremely weak, which centralizes his gameplan around his one effective tactic, which is bouncy Jak. By using Air Down Square over and over, he can stay in the air forever, which many characters simply can't deal with at all. This change limits bouncy Jak (though with his other mobility moves, it can still be quite deadly) but gives him other buffs to compensate. His melee combos are now much stronger with the cancellable Up Square, and Mass Inverter will now guarantee a level 1 if Jak can land it, but it is still a risky move to use as it can be punished heavily if blocked.

Big Daddy:

- Winter Blast stays on the ground longer

Big Daddy is a crowd control character who has a lot of armor on his attacks. Unlike some others, I'm of the opinion that he is actually pretty good and simply hasn't been explored enough because some of his combos are hard to do. However, his Winter Blast move is clearly pretty useless because its animation is so long and the ice goes away so fast. The ice should remain longer to reward Big Daddies who take the time to use this move.


- No Changes

Dante is a technical, combo-oriented character who is strong in the hands of a good player. He's fine as is.


- More recovery on EWGF
- Counter now inflicts crumple

Heihachi is a close-range, Melee character, so there's no reason he should have so much trouble comboing into his level 1. Allowing him to get a crumple off a counter that hits a grounded opponent will reward him for fighting it out in close. His EWGF spam is clearly a little too good, though, and has been toned down to compensate. This will make it easier for him to land counters (and thus supers) on opponents who attempt to punish it from too far away, though. - Watch me beat "GBA Summon Night Swordcraft Story" - My backloggery

User Info: Terotrous

4 years ago#3

- Down Triangle to Circle link is now more lenient
- Hitting with the cannon part of her level 2 inflicts stun, allowing a free kill

Nariko is an interesting mixup character, but her weak supers limit her versatility. Making her level 2 a more viable option by allowing it to guarantee a kill if the cannon connects will prevent her from always having to use level 3. The down triangle to circle link is also so tight that it limits her offense as not even pros will be able to land this consistently, and it should be a bit more lenient to reward her for guessing correctly with this move.


- AP costs increased to 200 / 450 / 750

Raiden is a very powerful melee character with some of the game's deadliest chains and the unique ability to cancel his normals into a backwards attack and prevent people from rolling behind him. This gives him extremely strong pressure and makes him one of the best characters at generating AP. His supers are also extremely powerful, and have been upped in cost to reflect how well he generates AP.


- AP costs changed to 150 / 350 / 800
- Can now choose costume during level 1 by holding a direction

Post nerf, Sackboy is mostly fine as a character, but his level 3 is still so totally godlike that it rarely makes sense for him to use anything else, and his AP costs have been adjusted to compensate for this. He can also now choose the costume during his frustratingly random level 1 by holding a direction if it starts up, so combos involving this move will no longer randomly fail.

Sir Daniel:

- Can now combo Up Square to Up Triangle
- Shield now takes 5 hits to break
- Projectiles from Level 2 travel faster
- Level 3 now kills in half the time

Sir Daniel is a heavily defensive character, but poor AP gain and poor supers limit him. His biggest weakness is that he has no reliable way to land up triangle and thus his level 1, allowing him to cancel up square to up triangle will drastically increase his offense, allowing him either a free air hit or super after every ground combo. His level 3 is also pretty bad because it takes so long to kill and has been sped up. His shield also now takes more hits to break and doesn't immediately go down to one constructo pistol and similar moves.


- AP costs reduced to 100 / 300 / 500

Spike is a mixup character focused on unblockables and tricky setups. However, in a game where other characters can hit the IPS with significantly lesser work, he is not adequately rewarded for landing his setups. To compensate for this, his AP costs have been lowered, so landing a big combo with him brings you much closer to your supers.


- AP costs changed to 100 / 300 / 500
- Torobi generates more AP with his attacks.
- Oni Toro's Air Up Triangle can only be used once per jump.

Toro's stance change mechanics are interesting, but with one of his stances being nearly useless they aren't used as much as they could be. His supers are also generally weaker than other characters and should cost less AP to compensate.
Oni Toro's Air Up Triangle has been adjusted to remove the infinite runaway trick. - Watch me beat "GBA Summon Night Swordcraft Story" - My backloggery

User Info: PyroSpark

4 years ago#4
I actually agree with quite a few of these.
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User Info: Terotrous

4 years ago#5
Well you can feel free to comment on the ones you think are stupid. I put a fair amount of time into every character when writing a guide but there's a few I haven't used that extensively. - Watch me beat "GBA Summon Night Swordcraft Story" - My backloggery

User Info: xXxSuQingXinxXx

4 years ago#6
I'd suggest decreased recovery on Dante's Neutral S combo, as it leaves him a little TOO vulnerable upon whiff. This is especially an issue since this is Dante's main BnB combo starter. Even the ability to change directions mid-combo like Kratos or Sir Dan wouldn't hurt, but it's not necessary.
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User Info: ArthurZero12

4 years ago#7
So you want me to do my spike bnb and be halfway to a lv.2? I don't think you want a character with that much mobility doing that. Spike is fine, don't buff him, a lot of spikes are just lazy.

User Info: Charizard18

4 years ago#8
I feel like Parappa is the most balanced character in the game, but I agree with the changes. He does in fact feel pretty slow, and chasing people down to attack can get pretty tedious.

I like the change for Big Daddy. I also think he really isn't all that bad, especially when you've seen jump's BD for example it's impressive what can be done with him. His winter blast is the only plasmid I almost don't use with him when i use him.

I actually agree with pretty much all your changes, except for Toro. Whenever I run into one online, they always either stay in Torobi or Oni the entire time. And when they're in Torobi, they tend to abuse his side triangle. Over and over and over again. Plus the ninja stars. Increasing AP for Torobi would just encourage them to keep doing that. Justice is pretty much nonexistent online and that bothers me a bit since Toro is my main and Justice has so much more potential than the other stances.
I do agree with getting rid of his infinite fly technique. It's pretty lolzy and cheap. It can completely avoid Nariko's level 3 among other supers. Its funny to use against trash talkers and spammers just to troll them, but otherwise it's a bit overpowered. It shouldn't be able to completely bypass a majority of the supers in this game. Thankfully though I almost never see this online, compared to the divekick loop/ninja star spammers.
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User Info: spyder1845

4 years ago#9
Terotrous posted...
Sir Daniel:

- Can now combo Up Square to Up Triangle .

I honestly think that would be too strong. It would pretty much turn any move he lands on a grounded opponent into a hit confirmed level 1.

I would vote for slowing down or speeding up his level 2 projectiles to make them harder to dodge, or decrease their turn radius. Also, make the beam able to kill like kratos' level two if the tracking isn't changed. As it stands now the beam is blocked by solid objects (think things that cannot be jumped through), while kratos' will kill everyone near him on the ground and above, regardless of what is in between them.

User Info: spyder1845

4 years ago#10
ArthurZero12 posted...
So you want me to do my spike bnb and be halfway to a lv.2? I don't think you want a character with that much mobility doing that. Spike is fine, don't buff him, a lot of spikes are just lazy.

Superbot disagrees with you.
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