why does superbot want to buff heihachi?

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  3. why does superbot want to buff heihachi?

User Info: SupKaiokenSonic

4 years ago#31
From: DB-RB | #016
heihachi's level 2 is an inferior big daddy level 2. Unlike Big Daddy, you can't control where Kuma goes. You can control what he atttacks with, but that would be pointless without being able to control him.

This is news to me, and he's one of my mains. What are the (attack) controls?
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User Info: deoxxys

4 years ago#32
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User Info: Retroxgamer0

4 years ago#33
i always hold onto my super and wait for raiden to use his lvl2 and kill him. he has no movement boost at all. the bear is different. heihachi can attack leaving you vulnerable, and the AI is smarter than you give it credit for. you can change direction and it imediately changes direction all CPU-like and everything.

User Info: DrunkenMegaman

4 years ago#34
DarkAmdusias posted...
Unless I've been seeing things, I'm pretty sure that Raiden is vulnerable during his Level 2.

Nah, you're right. Every character can die during their Level 2.
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  3. why does superbot want to buff heihachi?

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