Hit confirms?

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User Info: xxterradarkxxx

4 years ago#11
TUSMEnterprises posted...
I can tell just by reading the posts in this thread, the people who play characters without reliable hit confirms.

every character has a hit that on confirm can lead into a combo. So basically everyone here fits your description :P
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User Info: Retroxgamer0

4 years ago#12
the only character without a single hit confirm is i believe jak and daxter.

User Info: Terotrous

4 years ago#13
Jak has two confirms into super, but both are absurdly situational.

Both require you to be facing away from a grounded opponent and using Wave concussor and are character specific.
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User Info: AllmightyJebus

4 years ago#14
Terotrous posted...
Most people here are using the term incorrectly. What the term actually means in fighting game parlance is when you do some attack that you don't know will hit, then you "confirm" that it hit the opponent before following up with a further sequence of attacks. Failing to hit confirm either results in a wasted combo opportunity (if the attack hit and you didn't follow up), or a potentially unsafe or wasteful blockstring (if the attack did not hit and you did the rest of the sequence anyway).

In this game what people are talking about are attacks that can lead into either big combos or supers. It's become something of a fad to describe these moves as cheap in the past few days, even though hit confirming is like the most basic building block of all fighting games. I can only assume it's some form of parody.

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