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User Info: Doom_J

4 years ago#11
Do you know what game your playing? This is all starts.

Kray kray? spam square
Drake? Duh (he's a character pretty much based around spam tactics)
Toro dogg? spam ninja stars/snowballs/everything
Cole world? spam homing ice rocket/tether
E.coli? spam charge punch
The nar dogg? spam discus
Rawdeck? duh
Ratcheesy? see radec
Sweety T? spam firebottle/mines
Biggy D? spam down triangle
Jizack? spam wave concussor/blaster (also, I couldn't add the extra z to his name, and now it's less funny because i had to explain it. It wasn't very funny anyway...)

Spikeazy? spam banannas (or various other spam tools)
Chi Chi? also spam bannanas (and recieve the legendery beach ball as your prize
Ray Ray? spam charging attack
Sly? spam thunder roll, especially while invisible
Sackbro? duh
Sir diggity Dan? spam dat axe
Parrapa da trappa? spam mic grab
Fatty P? spam her knights(any of em)

Dante? well, he's the only one who can't spam, really. (He doesn't get a hip hop name because of this) IN FACT it makes sense. You wanna be "stylish"? Use him.

It seems to me that the unifying factor in this game is almost everyone can spam, so it's fine for the most part (not that im saying you were complaining or anything Garfield)

Also I use style and mix in spam when i want to keep people from messing mine up or to keep up the pressure. Think of it like in Devil may cry when you had to use ebony and ivory inbetween combos to keep your style score from evaporating

User Info: BahamutBBob

4 years ago#12
I try to do the few combos that I know, but I play FFA so that doesn't always work. FFA seems to be more about knowing when to use your supers, anyway.
XBL / PSN: BahamutBBob

User Info: xXxSuQingXinxXx

4 years ago#13
As a Dante main, I think my answer is obvious.


F*** YOU!
PSN: Su-Qing-Xin
I like to play video games.

User Info: MegatheGaurdian

4 years ago#14
Style. That way Spike's "I'M STILL BETTER THAN YOU!" taunt will be a lot more relevant. :)
Youtube:mariomegaman <>360Gamertag & PSN:MMZenex
"...It's what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are" -Mewtwo

User Info: LG_RAVE

4 years ago#15
I choose style, Spamming is a strategy that only works on opponents that can't change up their own strategy. In other words they aren't smart, they are stubborn and only have one trick up their sleeves. Smart players would find a way around the spamming and punish the spammer.

Now here's a question, is it spamming if a player uses the same move in different positions and maneuvers to disguise it and thus make it unpredictable and hard to defend? A key example is Sly and side triangle. Is that spamming if he maneuvers it and shuffles between aerial and ground strikes?

I'm a Ratchet player, and sometimes I get criticized for sniping from a far. However I have a mid and close range game as well and actually build more meter up close. My preference to is to play what the game deals. Example: Zone out a Raiden knowing he must come close, while fighting Radec up close knowing I have a great chance of landing close range hits.
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