Cole vs. Evil Cole

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User Info: LaKizzle23

4 years ago#11
Evil Cole is tremendously easy to use. So easy... Once you learn his tech trap, his air tether pretty much becomes a hit confirm into a lvl 1, which makes him better than Good Cole. Keep a charged Giga Punch, spam grenades, learn his tech trap and a BnB combo and you will do amazing with him.

Good Cole is fun to play as, but his combos are pretty much boring to do even though they require good timing. Air tether spam, ice barrier spam, grenade spam, freeze rocket spam, learn his grab combo and his BnB combos and you'll do good with him. (Not as good as you would with evil cole though.)
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User Info: Ramen_King

4 years ago#12
Alright everyone thanks for all help
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