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User Info: AmyUnleashed

4 years ago#1
After the news about Superbot being let go from the project i was not sure whether to continue the Rate Their Chances topic, but seeming Santa Monica Studio's are taking over it is likely we will be getting more DLC and a sequel at some stage.

Today we will be voting for everybodys favourite dragon's chances Spyro The Dragon.
For information on Spyro >>

The results for day 1's character
Crash Bandicoot - 20.54%

Tomorrow we will be voting Ryu from Street Fighters chances!

Apologies for being a day late on this, my computer was being a bit glitchy yesterday :(

Rules anybody new to this please read below,

1. You can rate the characters chances off getting in the Playstation All Stars Battle Royale series in the future anywhere between 0% & 100% if you're vote has a decimal points imbetween (67.5%, 44.98% ect.) it will be rounded up to the nearest number.

2. Everybody will have 5 nomination points per day to use in you're post with you're vote. You can only nominate once per day/topic but you can either nominate for one character and give all 5 points, or arrange the points in any way you like (for example: 1 nomination each for 5 different characters, 2 for 2 characters and one for another)

3. You can only nominate characters that have appeard on a playstation console it does not matter if they are from the PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP or PSVita so long as they have appeard on atleast one of these the nomination will be counted.

4. When nominating unless the character is already on the nomination list, please also list the game the character is from.

5. When voting please give a reason for you're score, it encourages us all to discuss the characters chances and our own opinions. You can give you're reason in a sentace or make a whole paragraph (or more) it is entirely up to you. Any votes without a reason will NOT be counted. (this is also to try make sure there is no bias when voting).

6. This is not how much you or me want the character of the day in, it is how likely or unlikely you feel they will be included in the future. Please avoid personal feelings for the character / any bias towards them, and be honest in you're opinion off how likely they are to appear in All Stars in the future.

7. Once i have posted saying the voting for the day has closed, or the topic is locked any more votes or nominations will not be counted for that character.

8. If two (or three, four ect.) characters nominated votes tie at the day when i count everything up. I will announce in the next days topic that we will be doing the two/three characters the day after.

9. Dont hate on eachother and just have fun :)

This is still new so if you feel anything needs to be updated/changed please let me know :)

User Info: AmyUnleashed

4 years ago#2
Previosuly voted.

Unlikely (11%-29%)

Crash Bandicoot - 20.54%


Specter x5 (Ape Escape)
Robbit x5 (Jumping Flash!)
Dart Feld x5 (Legend Of Dragoon)
Dr Neferous x5 (Ratchet & Clank)
Uberhero x5 (Patapon)
King Of All Cosmos x5 (Katamari series)
Pepsiman x4 (Pepsiman Game)
Solaire of Astoria x3 (Dark Souls)
Nier x2 (Nier)
Wander X1 (Shadow Of The Colossus)

User Info: Kindertotenwald

4 years ago#3
Nominate Raziel 5 times.
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User Info: AmyUnleashed

4 years ago#4
My thourts.

I am going to give Spyro 30%, he is a bit more likely than Crash as he has been in the succesfull Skylanders series recently and Activision may want to cash in on this. Shamefully though seeming Spyro did not make it in the main game (like Crash) i doubt that he is going to make it in, but i cant stop thinking that he has a decent chance of making it via DLC at some stage.

User Info: rammtay

4 years ago#5

Nominate Gex

User Info: Selite

4 years ago#6
Kindertotenwald posted...
Nominate Raziel 5 times.
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User Info: chocolatemc42

4 years ago#7

I nominate Cloud 5x
Not changing this sig till we get a proper Mega Man sequel!
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User Info: Johnbobb

4 years ago#8
10%, would say about the same as Crash, but now I'm guessing they both have even less chance than I originally thought.
PSN/Steam: CheddarBBQ

User Info: any14coffee

4 years ago#9
Classic? Probably lower than Crash.

Skylanders? About the same if not a little higher than Crash.

So about 38% for me.

EDIT: Oops, forgot my nominations:
x4 Nathan Hale
x1 Uberhero
Now Playing: LBP Karting, PSASBR, SSB Project M, The Walking Dead, Tales of Graces

User Info: CT_Hardcase

4 years ago#10
Eh, I'll say 7% chance. Its quite slim.

Vote Uberhero.
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