Why was this game even released in the first place?

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  3. Why was this game even released in the first place?

User Info: xXxSuQingXinxXx

4 years ago#1
I honestly believed that the "Title Fight" project should definitely have been dropped immediately as soon as SuperBot was not able to get their hands on a Final Fantasy rep, Lara Croft, Crash, Spyro, Snake, or Wander (among a plethora of others, no doubt).

The mere fact that a game titled "Playstation All-Stars" was released without these characters' inclusions not only is an insult to the characters themselves (inadvertently denouncing them as unworthy of "all-star" status), but also to the fans of the PS brand. I don't blame fans of Sony's console (me included) feeling betrayed that characters like Big Daddy (having no bearing or weight AT ALL on the PS brand) or Nariko (a character from a generally forgotten game) were included over characters that actually helped to sell ACTUAL Playstation consoles (I purchased a Playstation 1 just to play Final Fantasy VII and Tomb Raider, I kid you not. That later stemmed into a love for MGS, Crash, and Spyro).

The exclusion of these characters is not unlike a Super Smash Bros. game with Mario, Link, Kirby, Pikachu, and Samus taken out. As much as I hate to make that analogy, it holds LEGITIMATE relevance in this issue.

So if we take a look at the game's final state upon launch, what conclusions can we draw?

1. This project was just a "premiere" game for SuperBot to establish their name, and Sony was merely just holding their hand until its release, in which Sony let them go.
2. A quick cash grab by Sony (which... Backfired, for the most part)
3. Advertisement (Dante > DmC, Heihachi > TTT2, Raiden > MGR, Radec > Some new Killzone game being released, etc.)
4. Encourage Vita sales.
5. Because Sony hates us.

My apologies, I did not intend for this to be another roster complain thread, because I'm sure it will be taken in such a way :(
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User Info: taoxadasa

4 years ago#2
Because it's fun.
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User Info: Anomalycad

4 years ago#3
Thank goodness they didn't listen to you.

User Info: Rainbowsaurus

4 years ago#4
no krush no buy bb
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User Info: KillDozer123

4 years ago#5
So I take it you must hate Brawl for not including Megaman, right?

So I'm guessing Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Jak, Ratchet, Sly, Sackboy, Nathan Drake and Cole are actually not made by Sony, right?

Makes perfect sense to me, right? XD
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User Info: ImDyinSquirtle

4 years ago#6
Pretty much. The target market for this game/the people who actually had the money and could have been interested in this game likely started gaming in the '90s

And since the big ones aren't there....yeah =\
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User Info: SilentProtag

4 years ago#7
I agree.

User Info: wwinterj25

4 years ago#8
Back to the roster topics again shesh.
While the roster is missing characters the ones they do have are still big for PS.

I find it amusing folk cry "these are not PS characters" yet then go on to say "I want crash and spyro". Crash, Spyro, Snake, Cloud, Sora, Lara the list goes on are not playstation characters. Sure they did mean something back in the day but now they simply are not.

Out of 20 characters(soon to be 22) only 4 here are not PS characters. I think that speaks for itself.
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User Info: SilentProtag

4 years ago#9
KillDozer123 posted...
So I take it you must hate Brawl for not including Megaman, right?

What an awful comparison. almost every character on the SSB roster played a part in making the Nintendo brand so great, besides a couple.

the lack of Megaman in SSB really can't be compared to the PSA:BR fiasco, almost none of the characters that made the PlayStation brand are in.

User Info: Nik_Nack

4 years ago#10
I won't disagree with you TC, but I will say what a lot of other people say: 1st vs 3rd parties. The difference between this game and SSB is that SSB didn't have to go out of its way to get all of its characters (barring snake and sonic). Cloud, Crash, Lara, Spyro= all third party, thus not owned by Sony. Mario is owned by Nintendo. Crash is not owned by Sony. Thus, the situations are actually a lot different.

But I do agree they should have been in, if only to appease the rabid fanboys.
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  3. Why was this game even released in the first place?

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