Game flopped because

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User Info: blazin640

4 years ago#11
chocolatemc42 posted...
blazin640 posted...
BkzUzi posted...
Snovvbub posted...
I like new Dante.

With Ninja Theory, they either make characters I like or hate, no middle ground.

Pretty much everyone from Heavenly Sword fell into the love category

The cast of Enslaved fell into the hate category

And DmC I have mixed feelings about. But I like new Dante. So... Yeah.

You might like him but millions of people don't.
I bet those millions of people didn't buy this game so they didn't want to support a game with New Dante in it.

Millions? Lol.

One character didn't ruin this game.

It was several confusing inclusions and GLARING omissions. TWO Coles? Big Daddy? New Dante? Raiden over Snake? No RPG representation even though Playstation has been home to more RPGs on 3 consoles than ANY of their competitors?

Actually it was just the number of the roster and supers. Why would extra characters be a bad thing? You want 18 + one Cole? That's stupid. Nobody replaced anybody.
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User Info: blazin640

4 years ago#12
PyroSpark posted...
AndKevinBacon posted...

And hopefully this a joke lol.
There goes my free time

User Info: IngSlayer

4 years ago#13
Kat's floppy feet.
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