PSAS Rate Their Chances, Day 3 - Ryu

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User Info: AmyUnleashed

4 years ago#1
Like i said yesterday i am unsure whether or not to continue the Rate Their Chances series, if you would like me to continue the daily series (or) want me to put it on hold until we know if we are getting more DLC or a sequel please let me know and explain why in you're post.

Today we are voting on Street Fighter's mascot Ryu.
For more information on Ryu >>

The results for yesterdays character below
Spyro The Dragon - 23.58%

Tommorow we will be voting Uberhero from the Patapon series.
* Even if we all decide to put the series on hold, i will do tommorows for Uberhero to finish it off.

Rules anybody new to this please read below,

1. You can rate the characters chances off getting in the Playstation All Stars Battle Royale series in the future anywhere between 0% & 100% if you're vote has a decimal points imbetween (67.5%, 44.98% ect.) it will be rounded up to the nearest number.

2. Everybody will have 5 nomination points per day to use in you're post with you're vote. You can only nominate once per day/topic but you can either nominate for one character and give all 5 points, or arrange the points in any way you like (for example: 1 nomination each for 5 different characters, 2 for 2 characters and one for another)

3. You can only nominate characters that have appeard on a playstation console it does not matter if they are from the PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP or PSVita so long as they have appeard on atleast one of these the nomination will be counted.

4. When nominating unless the character is already on the nomination list, please also list the game the character is from.

5. When voting please give a reason for you're score, it encourages us all to discuss the characters chances and our own opinions. You can give you're reason in a sentace or make a whole paragraph (or more) it is entirely up to you. Any votes without a reason will NOT be counted. (this is also to try make sure there is no bias when voting).

6. This is not how much you or me want the character of the day in, it is how likely or unlikely you feel they will be included in the future. Please avoid personal feelings for the character / any bias towards them, and be honest in you're opinion off how likely they are to appear in All Stars in the future.

7. Once i have posted saying the voting for the day has closed, or the topic is locked any more votes or nominations will not be counted for that character.

8. If two (or three, four ect.) characters nominated votes tie at the day when i count everything up. I will announce in the next days topic that we will be doing the two/three characters the day after.

9. Dont hate on eachother and just have fun :)

This is still new so if you feel anything needs to be updated/changed please let me know :)

User Info: AmyUnleashed

4 years ago#2
Previosuly voted.

Unlikely (11%-29%)

Spyro The Dragon - 23.58% (Spyro The Dragon series & Skylanders)
Crash Bandicoot - 20.54% (Crash Bandicoot series)


Raziel x10 (Legacy Of Kain)
King Of All Cosmos x10 (Katamari series)
Dr Neferous x7 (Ratchet & Clank)
Gex The Gecko x7 (Gex series)
Specter x6 (Ape Escape)
Wander x6 (Shadow Of The Colossus)
Robbit x5 (Jumping Flash!)
Dart x5 (Legend Of Dragoon)
Cloud Strife x5 (Final Fantasy 7)
Nathan Hale x4 (Resistance series)
Pepsiman x4 (Pepsiman Game)
Solaire of Astoria x3 (Dark Souls)
Nier x2 (Nier)

User Info: AmyUnleashed

4 years ago#3
Please read the first paragraph of the first post and give me you're thourts about it.

My thourts on Ryu's chances 22%

Off all the Capcom characters that could get in, Ryu is rather likely he is popular in the fighting genre. Apart from maibe a resident evil rep or very unlikely Megaman i dont see Capcom co-operating on anybody else. With Santa Monica in charge now them and Sony may want to try get more popular & known characters in the game like i said Ryu is one of the faces of fighting games, so it is not unrealistic that they may ask Capcom to use him in the game. Though knowing Capcom they may be difficult about it.
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