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User Info: Aalz-7

4 years ago#1
Snake, crash, spyro, Lara croft, and cloud were in the game from the start.
But not included in the game are kratos, drake, both Coles, and sly
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User Info: Drag0nBlade

4 years ago#2
Angry no sly. and that is it.
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User Info: esak1er

4 years ago#3
Kratos has to be in, he is the main PS2/PS3 star. But I honestly think Cloud alone would have made this game sell far over a million copies.
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User Info: Killua554

4 years ago#4
well, hypothetically... I wouldn't care about those missing characters at all. but the gameplay itself would still be the same? I probably wouldn't play for very long.

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