Confirm or Deny . Dart is not a PlayStation Icon.

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User Info: monopoly_king

4 years ago#81
Lol, not a PlayStation icon but Sir Daniel, Nariko, Big Daddy, Fat Princess, Heihachi (seriously, why does PlayStation keep getting this guy out of all the Tekken characters), Spike, Radec, Toro, Raiden, etc. are?

An abundant portion of PlayStation (PSX) money sales came from its [J]RPG genre (this is more so heresay as I currently do not have supporting facts, nor will I even waste the time googling it) and not even one of them can be placed in this game? Though there are RPG characters that I would prefer over Dart, licensing issues would be most easiest with him.

And for those saying, "Who is Dart" etc. That doesn't make him an unpopular character as the RPG genre at the time was relatively new, and people solely know Final Fantasy (even now), though they would not to admit it.

Dart isn't an "All-Star" by my definition, but more of an "All-Star" than atleast half of the game's roster (if not more).

User Info: Damien94

4 years ago#82
Jon_God posted...
As a huge PS fan, I don't know Dart. :(

Then you're not really a PS fan, seeing as LoD is one of the top downloaded PS games.

PS3 fan I'm willing to buy.

As to the topic: Deny
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User Info: DemonicChaosXX

4 years ago#83
Deny, who the F**** is Dart?
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User Info: _EggplantWizard

4 years ago#84
monopoly_king posted...
And for those saying, "Who is Dart" etc. That doesn't make him an unpopular character...

I'll give you that. A character doesn't have a chance to be popular or unpopular, if they aren't even known about. However, that's not the question. The question is if he's an icon. No, he's not.
...and, yeah, what's up with Heihachi showing up everywhere?
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User Info: Carbuncle009

4 years ago#85
Confirm. But that doesn't mean he isn't eligible to be in this game.

I mean, Medievil and Heavenly Sword got reps, and the characters weren't too familiar. (I learned about a week ago about the HS Character's origins, tbch)

ITT: While he ain't an icon, Dart is still pretty damn eligible for this game.
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User Info: tacomangsx

4 years ago#86
Although he may not be an allstar, he'd undeniably be a crap load better as a character than:

Big Daddy
Sir Dan
Fat Princess (though she is one of two females currently, so..)
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User Info: Minamo

4 years ago#87
Chzrm3 posted...
The list of true playstation icons, that fans of the brand would recognize and immediately feel good about being in this game, are:


Anyone else, and you have to start making concessions, excuses, explanations, etc. But a 12 man roster with those characters would've meant more to PS fans than the 20 man roster we have.

Come on, no Spike? And it's missing Abe, I bought the PS1 because of him.

User Info: Alitheiaa

4 years ago#88
How about giving 'lesser known' characters a chance. I know when SSB introduced characters I had never seen, I thought "Maybe I should check out what game he/she is from and try it out." and not "Who is this? Screw this game, I can't have any surprises on my game's roster.'

Final Fantasy is also pretty much ruled out in this because of Dissidia or whatever. Want your FF characters? There, all of them are in a nice little bundle. Give other characters an appearance.
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User Info: RyuuHou25

4 years ago#89
Dart would have been freaking amazing.

I still don't know why Big Daddy was ever in there, might as well have thrown in Megaman and Zero for petes sakes. Or hell, let's throw in SF characters or Ryu from NG.
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User Info: Lexmark1989

4 years ago#90
justdontask posted...
deny, but i can confirm he is not an "all-star"... all-stars should be in at least more than only one game... if youre an all-star, you should be all over the place... not left to rot in only one game...

But rpg characters are usually only in one game. Wasn't ness only in one game?
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