Level 3 Trolls?

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User Info: Zero_Shame

4 years ago#11
My partner in quick match 2v2 did it with his level 3, he was at 2, I was at the 3 and our opponents had 1 each, I dont know why.

I was intrigued so I just waited to see if hed seal the match but nope, he attacked and everything but never used it.

Oh and DB-RB, remember when you said I used logical fallacies wrong but when I asked you to point out where you wouldnt? You think you could actually say where and how I used them wrong? I mean you did make that claim, mind backing it up? Thanks buddy.

(will never happen)

User Info: Rlaur2

4 years ago#12
Sometimes it's best the hold on the the level 3 than to use it immediately, especially during timed matches.

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