Sly Cooper guide for people who want to learn him

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User Info: Heroicmedic92

4 years ago#1
You can skip the introduction and go down to see combos and matchups.

Sly Cooper isn’t a combo oriented character like Kratos or Raiden. This does not make him less useful however. He does not rely on brute force and instead relies on taking advantage of stealth and stealing AP using his backstabbing technique (which I will explain later). He is the only character in the game without a guard and instead uses invisibility instead to help achieve his backstabbing technique.

Square (Twice) : Fast, and can interrupt characters without a fast move to rival it. Good against characters like Ratchet. Provides 10 AP. Better used behind someone to utilize his backstabbing technique.

Square (Twice, behind) : Steals 20 AP (unstealthed) and 40 AP (stealthed). You always want to land this in a match because it nets you 50 AP and steals 40 AP from the enemy. You can use this as soon as you decoy someone as a combo

Forward square : Fast and can leap over danger such as mines. Provides 10 AP.

Up Square (Twice) : Good for catching people in the air. If you can predict a jump, use this. Provides 40 AP when you hit the enemy twice.

Down Square : An attack which hits front and back, and is fast. Good for combos (which I will explain further later on) . You can catch wake up rolls with this attack. Provides 20 AP

Down Square (Charge) : Sly’s guard breaker move. Excellent for wake up mind games. Be careful for using this against characters with counters through. You can jump cancel this providing mind games. Provides 30 AP and can be combed for more AP with walls.

Triangle: Stuns the person in place. Alarm clock is excellent because it provides Sly a way to hit confirm his level 1. You can also combo off it.

Up triangle : Sly’s teleport. Useful for getting out of setups such as Ratchets super 1 and can be used to get behind someone quickly and backstabbing them. You can go left and right and if you are close enough, neutral version teleports you directly behind the person.

Forward triangle: Safe on block and provides 30 AP. It does have notable start up time so don’t abuse it too much. Good for doing a combo with walls involving down square and following up with Forward triangle. As soon as they bounce off the wall, follow up with air Forward triangle which nets a total of 80 AP.

Down triangle : Reverses controls and nets you 10 AP. Pretty useful. You can use this for predicting rolls, or from a high ledge.

Circle: Sly’s counter. The best counter in the game hands down. He instantly teleports and stuns the person in place, wherever they are on the map. You can link super 1 or a backstab off the counter. However if a person is moving fast, sometimes sly wont catch them so watch out for that. Provides 10 AP.

Forward circle : Good for catching attacks that come directly to you. Examples include Raiden’s dive kicks, Toro dive kick, Parappa’s forward triangle move, etc. Provides 10 AP.

Up circle : Anti projectile move. Reflects projectiles. Can detonate and hit someone if close enough. Provides 30 AP and can immediately follow up a combo if a wall is nearby.

Down circle : A ground mine similar to Sweet Tooth’s. Provides 20 AP if someone steps on it.

PSN: Heroicmoises
999 Parappa, 999 Fat princess.999 Sly. Done with Sly maybe

User Info: Heroicmedic92

4 years ago#2

Square: This move can spike and force a person to hit the ground. Provides 20 AP. Good for forcing a person to deal with Sly’s wake up games.

Forward square : Same thing for ground.

Up square: Same thing for ground

Down square: Sly swoops down and hits the floor which provides 20 AP. I find this particularly useful in 2s. Lets say your teammate gets caught in ratchets level 1 setup. You can quickly save him with this.

Triangle: You can link level 1 off this if you land this right before you hit the ground. Aside from that, I don’t find this too useful outside of combos.

Up triangle: Can only use this once in the air so I’d recommend using this on the ground.
Right triangle: Usually the move I use in air combat. Provides 30 ap and hits in front of him. Pretty useful.

Down triangle: Sly’s air version of his confuse bomb. He does not throw it through. It does have some startup time so I do not recommend using this outside of combos.

Circle: Sly’s air version of his counter. Good for using it against a move like Ratchet’s warmonger.

Forward circle: Pretty much the same.

Up circle: Pretty much the same.

Down circle: Pretty much the same except he goes downwards instead of straight.

1: Considered to be the best super 1 in the game. Cannot be interrupted. Can be hit confirmed (see below). You can use this to punish

-Evil cole's giga punch
-Raiden's forward circle

2: Best used immediately after you get a hard knock down. Can be hit confirmed with counter and alarm clock. Outside from that, not too useful. Save up for his 3.

3. Probably the second best super 3 in the game. All I can say is that there is a little trick to using this. Bait out dodges by putting people in the frame to scare them, then take a picture.


Circle, SUPER 1
Triangle, SUPER 1
(air) Triangle (close to ground), SUPER 1
Forward circle, SUPER 1

Down square, Up square (Twice). 60 AP

With wall, Down square, Forward triangle, jump, (air) Forward triangle. 80 AP

Triangle, Up triangle, Square (Twice, behind). 50 AP (steals 40 AP)

Up throw, jump, (air) triangle, (air) Forward triangle. 40 AP.

Up throw, jump, (air) down triangle. 10 AP.

With wall, counter, Square (twice behind), jump, forward triangle (in air). Steals 40 AP and nets you 85 AP

PSN: Heroicmoises
999 Parappa, 999 Fat princess.999 Sly. Done with Sly maybe
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User Info: punk_ACE

4 years ago#4
I primarily use Spike & Fatty P,but I'm thinking about trying out Sly,so this is good information.Who would you say are his worst matchups though?
PSN: punk_ACE
"One truth becomes two.Two truths become four."

User Info: Rlaur2

4 years ago#5
I came into this topic expecting some crap joke like "Just press circle". I'm pleased.
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