I'm bored. Here's a moveset for Rudy I came up with.

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  3. I'm bored. Here's a moveset for Rudy I came up with.

User Info: 1337ROX

4 years ago#1
Rudy will be using a mix of his moves from both the original and the Alter Code F remake as well as borrowing a few techniques from future Wild ARMs. He will not be using his sword from the original Wild ARMs because that just takes away the feel of him being one of the few people from that game to be able to use ARMs

A unique gimmick that he'll have is his arm has limited ammo and you must reload when it's empty by holding the Guard button then pushing any attack button. Any attack down there listed with the name of a cartridge or ARM requires bullets (outside supers). 5 bullets may be fired before reloading. Rudy is vulnerable to attacking during the reload animation but if he's interrupted his arm still gets reloaded anyway. Attacks that use ammo won't fire if his arm is empty. An ammo counter will be placed above his super meter.

Square Attacks;
N: Swings the butt of his ARM in front of him. Can be swung twice.
F: Tool: Mighty Gloves. Does a slow yet powerful set of punches. His hands glow while doing this like the Power Glove tool.
U: Swings the butt of his ARM in an upward arc.
D: Hound Mine. Shoots a bullet into the ground that works like a moving mine. Explodes when it reaches the edge of a platform or an opponent. Using it while there's still a Hound Mine out causes the first one to vanish
AN: A single hit spin using the butt of his ARM. Hits both sides.
AF: Tool: Mighty Gloves. A slow downward punch. His fists glow while using this
AU: He does a mid-air backflip kick.
AD: Tool: Jump Boots. Rudy accelerates downward and emits a small shockwave when he hits the ground.

Triangle Attacks:
N: Shot Weapon. After a small amount of start up time, Rudy fires his ARM straight forward. High travel speed.
F: Pineapple. Rudy trows a grenade forward that explodes on contact with an opponent.
U: Multiblast. Rudy fires his ARM upwards. The bullet explodes in mid-air and the shards fly at a downward angle from it. Deals light damage.
D: Snipe Bullet. Rudy takes a kneeling position and his aim can be adjusted with the left analog stick. Press Triangle again to fire while circle and square take him out of the stance.
DA: Boosted Shell. Rudy fires a bullet at a downwards angle.

Circle Attacks:
N: Tool: Hurl Knife. Throws a dagger that flies in a straight trajectory. If it hits a wall, it falls straight down.
F: Tool: Radical Boots. Rudy does a sliding dash forwards. Only way to stop it is if Rudy hits a wall or runs off a platform.
U: Tool: Mist Cloak. A teleport move. Takes a bit of time to get to his destination (Making it predictable) but is immune to damage while teleporting.
D: Tool: Bombs. Places a Bomb at his feet which explodes after a few seconds. Deals no damage to Rudy if he's in range.
FA: Tool: Grapple hook. Rudy throws a grappling hook forward. When latched on a wall, he's pulled to it. Latched to an opponent, they get pulled to him.

F: Tool: Mighty Gloves. Rudy lifts an opponent in front of him and throws them forward. Thrown opponents will deal damage to other targets.
U: Grabs his opponent and throws them upwards. Followed by Rudy firing his ARM at them.
D: Grabs his opponent and shoves them on the ground followed by Rudy firing his ARM at them.
That looks like a homing shot!
3DS: 4511-0726-1828

User Info: 1337ROX

4 years ago#2
L1: Lock On. A targeting cursor appears in front of Rudy and the player moves it around with the left stick. After hovering it over an opponent, the player presses any button to fire a bullet that instantly travels to that spot. Cannot hit anyone outside that cursor. Rudy is vulnerable while aiming.
L2: Mighty Avalanche: Rudy fires up to 3 homing missiles in the air. They have decent speed but poor turning. (Think Sir Daniel's)
L3: Gatling Raid: After the little powerup cutscene, Rudy can constantly fire bullets from his arm by holding any of the attack buttons (Directions being altered slightly depending on which button). The shots kill anyone instantly and his ARM can be shot 18 times before instantly ending the super. Duration of super is about 7 seconds.

I know there are some Air moves I'm missing. The ones I didn't include are basically the same as their ground counterpart and I don't feel like repeating myself.
That looks like a homing shot!
3DS: 4511-0726-1828
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  3. I'm bored. Here's a moveset for Rudy I came up with.

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