I think part of why this game's community is dying is the way people play online

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  3. I think part of why this game's community is dying is the way people play online

User Info: I_phantom

4 years ago#11
I've got a good feeling about this topic.

User Info: DHG_Sweep

4 years ago#12
GreatJallopi posted...
Doom_J posted...
GreatJallopi posted...
Doom_J posted...
GreatJallopi posted...
Seriously, the fact that people try to follow scripted combos makes this game feel so repetitive. People said combos were one of the things this had over Smash Bros., but at least in Smash Bros. it didn't feel like the same fight every time. And peoples' obsessions over hit confirms too. Seriously, I stick to playing with my friends and avoid online because none of us try to memorize the best possible combo for a character and use it exclusively.

scrub-script translation: Seriously bra, me and my bros suck at this game. We suck at Smash bros. too, but at least there aren't as many combos interupting our suck. Seriously, Its like the same every time. and peoples' obsession with seting up kills too. Seriously, I only play with other scurbs and avoid online because we all suck and don't know how to play

Here's a question: do you have ANY friends? No, seriously, I need to know this.

lol Seriously guy, enough with the seriously all over the place. what are you, a valley girl?

Anywho, yes im pretty satisfied with the friends I have, does that pretain to you sucking at this game or something? Or are you just trying to make me seem like some loser in order to invalidate my opinion that you suck at the game for complaining about combos? Nice try scrub

Anyone who uses the term "scrub" to describe a casual player sounds like a tool. Anyone who denounces people who like a game to be fun is a tool. And when I asked about friends, I meant offline friends. Not your online elitist buddies.

A scrub isn't someone who plays casually. A scrub is someone who plays casually and complains about something as simple as a bnb. Youre playing a fighting game where the goal is too win. Dont complain about people who practice to better themselves to win. If you dont like it then practice and learn to avoid the combos you hate. It should be easy if they're only using one ape burst because they use the same move to start it off. It should get easier to predict the most they do it and then you can punish them when they leave themselves vulnerable. Once you start punishing them they will be forced to change they're strategy. Thats how you get this game not to feel the same. Its obviously going to feel the same if you stop improving and plateau. And every fighter has combos, this isn't unique to pasbr.
Anderson Silva > Fedor. People who agree: 1

User Info: kingtrace

4 years ago#13
Yeah, I'm going to have to agree with the angry fighting game guy. If you're playing a game where combos are the name of the game, and then you get sad faced when people are using them, then I think scrub is an apt description. I mean, online they ARE trying to win, just like you should be, and if you're trying to play casually but your buzz keeps getting killed by people who care about rank and winning and stuff, maybe you should try quick match or get some buddies together to play Smash.

User Info: GameGrumps

4 years ago#14
Darknessbeast10 posted...
> Online

pick one.

le meme arrowing on gamefaqs, really?
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  3. I think part of why this game's community is dying is the way people play online

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