I actually tried to play this game today but nearly puked when I saw...

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  3. I actually tried to play this game today but nearly puked when I saw...

User Info: IcyFlamez96

4 years ago#21
holysquid posted...
wwinterj25 posted...
Davidgrayman posted...
Does anyone else remember "3-D" Doritos? They were limited time only Doritos from the 90s or sometime close to that time

They sound awesome. Wish they still made them. Nacho Cheese would probably be the best.
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User Info: xXxSuQingXinxXx

4 years ago#22
PSN: Su-Qing-Xin
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User Info: Omega_Zero_XP

4 years ago#23
xXxSuQingXinxXx posted...

While they do have more flavors, I tend to prefer the Lays stacks. They just have a better crunch and it takes fewer chips stacked to get it.
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User Info: ThaCMaster

4 years ago#24
Lexmark1989 posted...
I don't know, I'm a flaming hot cheetos man myself.

Man, you brought back some memories. Hot Cheetos rule!
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User Info: ConradimusPrime

4 years ago#25
Graphics do equal everything to the average consumer (stop bandying around the word casual like its an insult. It's stupid)

Fortunately the freaking menus which were designed "by a five year old" (stop trying hyperbole, it doesn't suit you), aren't on the back of the box or in the commercials. Average consumer doesn't see them until AFTER a purchase. They influence nothing. You think anybody popped in the disc and said, "oh my god! This menu is entirely functional and easy to navigate, but it's so bland! I will return the disc post haste! I will warn all my friends that these precariously serviceable menus are not to be navigated!"

Please, dude. Puh-freakin-lease.

User Info: habbox77

4 years ago#26
AstralUltra posted...
the menus. It was the Parappa theme and it was the ugliest and most disgusting thing I have EVER had the misfortune to see. I have seen better aesthetics from a 5-year old.

Casuals were clearly turned off by this game once they saw these attrocious menus. They probably thought it was worse than a PSN game (if that's even possible) and couldn't understand why it was 60 bucks.

People are shallow. To most casual aka the majority graphics=everything. That's why a game with bad graphics in the history of history has NEVER sold well. And if a game doesn't sell well it's not worth playing.


The Sims 1 (yeah the original peice of junk game that had bad graphics even for the year 2000's standards) continues to be one of the highest grossing video games ever in fact it beats out modern warfare and comes close to the sales of Modern Warfare 2.
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User Info: KillDozer123

4 years ago#27
xXxSuQingXinxXx posted...

Did you say Pringles? I love Pringles. Especially the Texas BBQ ones. :)
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User Info: Myles98

4 years ago#28
Cheese Doritos are f****** addictive.
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User Info: TUSMEnterprises

4 years ago#29
I like Cool Ranch Doritos more.
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User Info: koopabros64

4 years ago#30
The one thing I hate about chips is that they're so hard to put down. They must lace those things with drugs or something.
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