fearless stage price

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User Info: PhantomEmperor

4 years ago#1
Does anyone know it? If not what do you guys think its gonna be i hope its 2.99-4.99 cause if its higher im not buying it.
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User Info: wwinterj25

4 years ago#2
No idea on the price of the price for the new minions.
Personally I hope for £3(around $5) for the stage and £3 for the minion bundle.
Anything higher and it'll be pushing it.
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User Info: Furryyiffer

4 years ago#3
Wasnt it said the stage would be coming free with the characters, zam?
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User Info: taoxadasa

4 years ago#4
Furryyiffer posted...
Wasnt it said the stage would be coming free with the characters, zam?

They have never said that. You have to buy it if you want to select it. You can still randomly play on it in Ranked/Unranked or Arcade mode without buying it however.
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User Info: GameGrumps

4 years ago#5
I'm guessing or at least hoping that's it's going to be at least 2-3 bucks, zoom.

User Info: Rainbowsaurus

4 years ago#6
I remember that too. Here in fact.

Either way, I probably won't buy it, unless it's $3 or less. I play online mostly, so I'm sure I'll come across it sometime.

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