any DLC out or coming yet?

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User Info: Matthewm1988

4 years ago#1
Topic. Just curious as I havent been on in awhile.


User Info: Objection102

4 years ago#2

-Kat & Dusty (Gravity Rush)
-Emmett Graves (Starhawk)
-Fearless stage (Heavenly Sword + Wipeout)
-18 different Minions
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User Info: AssassinHawkins

4 years ago#3
Other than Kat, Emmett, Fearless, and minions coming out Tuesday?
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User Info: taoxadasa

4 years ago#4
There are also 16 dlc costumes if you didn't pre-order.
Jumping Flash!'s Robbit needs to be in Playstation All-Stars as DLC! Sign the petition for him here:

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