So I have dropped Big Daddy and have now took up Radec.

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User Info: atopthemountain

4 years ago#11
his level 1
against higher level opponents his level 1 is pretty hard to connect w...there is a HC but its wall bounce-situational-if the sun is at a certain distance kinda thing..( i think you can teslite grenade into ->[] then super but im not 100% its risky)....the good news is that it punishes transformation level 2s.(especally ones without dodge) it also has a 2/3 chance against drake barrels so if they toss it our one rocket still will catch drake..

raiden air combos? lvl1. super
nariko air combos? lvl1. super
dante air combos? level 1 super lock on (espcially w him)
generally the length of the center platform from one end to the other of the hades stage is the effective range to sucessfully kill 1 the level 1 if someone is "locked"aka in a combo or trapped given the average length of time most combos or traps have. its pretty good range...

the downside to his level 1 is that it has virtually no HC. There is one i know of w wall bounce but i cant nail it outside of practice...alot of his dope moves require a batman like setup. Thats not to say i cant wall bounce (feels good man)...nor is it impossible...but theres just a crap ton of variables w radec....stage, characters, distance (weather jk)
level 2

its a pretty good move....its weakness are apparent but its strengths are underplayed
- it CAN be HC...->[] into lvl2.....depends on stage length tho...potentially any animation which gives you the "teamrocket effect" is a good time to pulll the trigger...
- it eats other projectiles of any kind for breakfast
-it also eats transfomational level 2 (and sackboys book counter?)
-goes thru walls
- on hades stage it can kill anyone on the center platform too....

i wont bother w his level 3 because its pretty obvious and you can get the hang of the "rollers" thru practice
PSN: grau 226
Radec (brother:Sweet tooth)

User Info: atopthemountain

4 years ago#12
tough match ups
Its not necessarily that radec cant beat characters...its that he can never effectively develop a bread and butter counter against these characters...

-slys looooove you......if he doesnt counter any projectiles...lucky you...that sly is dumb as hell and is guaranteed to lose...if he does know that he can counter you....this is kinda difficult then...not because you need to depend on youre projectiles but because youre moves arent fast enough to punish his counter window (w/o gets predicatable) but the biggest issue w counter heavy slys is when they counter on ACCIDENT....ex: sly is fighting your partner attempts to counter your opponent
meanwhile youre fighting his teammate when you miss a shot which happens to luckily hit the sly. so you get a result projectiles will be your worst enemy when fighting sly...the good news is that they usually dont counter according to reflex but according to when they THINK youll do it. so youll see them randomly counter to deter your projectile usage...forgetting that it leaves them stationary for lvl1...ive caught even great players w can bait people into that....slys naturally are a problem for radec because of his size, his mobility (teleport slys are the biggest threats for you), and hes hard to hit as a lot of his moves make him to small to hit even in range...ive done my level one and had it go by his because of hid rolling attack hops so that he barely avoids it. another instance where he didnt do it on purpose...its just the mechanics. :/

sly by and large gives radec hell....
flamethrowers >explode-a-barrel btw....

this guy is the akuma to your ryu....he does all the stuff you do but slightly differently and just better..

not gonna lie....very very hard to fight a good drake as radec...he does everything you do but better. literally...stay the hell away from have no solid moves to counter attack....jumping over barrels is sorta suicide as hell attack you. Hes hard to grab because his slide has little recovery and hes fast as hell. Basically the ONLY time you stand a chance (sorta) against drake is when you air fight him. Otherwise stay far away from him and give up defensive. take potshots at his partners. Dont bother counter attacking just frustrate them by not giving up anything. This works great in a stock battle or 1v1 but its a toss up in any timed requires patience....jump BEFORE the barrels are out and air shotgun at least keeps you on equal footing w drake (and if you get hit it will knock you away from thats great for you) drake will smoke you if he gets in...moreso than any other character imo...

shoot a level one on drakes who like to use the barrel as a will kill to rockets but one will continue (its pretty hard to see it too).

a machine gun will certainly destroy barrels....good for saving your partners behind. other moves have technical issues....
PSN: grau 226
Radec (brother:Sweet tooth)

User Info: atopthemountain

4 years ago#13

Kratos: this applies only to good kratos's........
these guys are AP banks....sure theyll rack up a billion AP "RAH! RAH!"ing you to death but throw em and the AP rains their supers suck (as you know)
not that much of a problem...his basic [] nonsense will pretty much always hit you at least once per combo...i like kratos's because while they can smack you silly it kinda works against them....they cant do much from a distance....yea they could counter but after a certain distance you can avoid roll out of it. else wise they cant do much. plus even "high level" players forget to play defensively w kratos....dunno why....
and imo they are one of the easiest characters to grab (aside from dantes and narikos)....
dont bother ever using ->[] wont stop his rage.....
he can -> square thru: flamethrower, your machine gun, and pretty much all your moves so even though you attacked first hell still come out on top....
his strength is solely medium range...sticky is your friend...
give as little as you can to kratos...of all big 4 matches....your best bet is kratos

a regular raiden isnt a problem...a cheap raiden is mangable....a Good raiden will take you to town. but you know that so you have an advantadge:)...raidens most devastating moves for you will be anything at an angle. Radec has trouble attacking at a 45 degree angle either upward or downward (effectively)....w practice forward triangle for example may never hit you ...but you sure as s*** wont be able to land a blow on him. Typically these battles are "whoever screws up first" which will prolly be you. ill leave the tactics up to you on this one.

imo along w sly....raiden is pretty much a radec destroyer. its not a matter of avoiding their attacks but as w have trouble counterattcking...radec cant hack this.

sticky is your friend...

FP/toro: its not hitting them thats hard so much as landing supers on them...level 1 will almost certainly miss even if theyre preoccupied...
also you CANT make mistakes...they attack at the most difficult angles for you so screw that up and eat a combo into level 1. FP otherwise will do the same crap all day. toro too but toros hard as hell to hit...
PSN: grau 226
Radec (brother:Sweet tooth)

User Info: atopthemountain

4 years ago#14
who radec excels against
Big daddy:
hes just so BIG....and super armor means nothing if youve got a sticky grenade on you or if he walks into a flamethrower which he will. hes also one of the easiest characters to raw level 1 w.
that being said he can be a huge threat upclose and unlike kratos he doesnt recreate distance much so be careful of that (but you know already). but yea....big daddy is a present when you fight him. hes the only character where EVERYMOVE is a good move on him (as radec). keep away isnt quite strong here (his mobility is pretty good) but truthfully i doubt youll miss.
sticky...hell everything is your friend here lol (dont bother ->[] into lvl can lvl 1 him to hell)

ive fought a couple of GOOD dantes...its not to the level of frustration i have w other characters. Dante cant fight you from far away. He cant do a damned thing actuallyy from afar. This is a great keep away match for radec. He also cant attack at angles.
->[],triangle/wall bounce tricks works well here...
Clearly dante 1v1 will be a problem....but even then...unlike other characters you can counterattack dante a bit easier...dantes also are easy to throw..dunno why...
hes not Raiden fast so hes managable in a melee battle. you CAN fight him up close.

dante CAN go right thru the ^+O with V+[] fyi.

sticky is your friend so so badly here...

narikos of any playstyle and difficulty are >generally< no prob for you....sure nariko has projectiles...yours are better....sure she can combo all that crazy mess...too bad shes going for her level 3 .:/

NEVER approach her face at medium range. That longdistance chaingrab move will ALWAYS screw you.Theres no move in your arsenal that will out shoot that...elsewise nariko is easy to punish...shes not exceptionally fast, nor does she attack at odd angles like raidens or parrappas. plus more often than not shell go for her level 3. which means throw combos and AP Rain. If you find yourself getting punished on the ground take to the air or use support tactics... against her as radec and youll see why shes a great matchup for you......

aside from that "HC" (and him juggling you) heihachi usually isnt much of a threat. i wont bother telling you why....itll be obvious when you play
PSN: grau 226
Radec (brother:Sweet tooth)

User Info: atopthemountain

4 years ago#15
- ^o can be interrupted as if it never existed even if it came out and you saw the purple animation flicker for 1 sec... (ghey)
- ->[] can be interrupted even on hit and mostly thru can at times be rolled out of so apparently the move doesnt even interrupt other moves...(really superbot?)
- O can be coutnered upon detonation (again wtf superbot?)
- grenades are good to grief w when you cant snipe ex: that cage on the killzone stage is in your way? jumping grenade....good for stoawaysesque enclosed areas.
- against sirdan if its a gun or a grenade it CAN be shotgun is considered a projectile...(dunno about flamethrower) ....seriously superbot
- [][] is a great throw set up.Typically people are blocking then
- any decent PSASBR player will want you DEAD (initially)....right out the gate....that can be a good thing if youre partner is the type who can take advantadge of those situations.
- theres a handful of radec moves which are awesome but impractical in heat of battle that i didnt mention...the starter combo ->+O to ->+[][] is reasoning is outside of strict circumstances (and moments where i go hey i can do that move now) its impossible to set up simply due to air camping and character mobility.
- sir dans arent THAT deadly as they claim to be against me...your biggest threats are sly and raiden.
-ratchets up laser move thingie can negate projectiles....your sniper specifically...expect better players to do that alot

in to play as radec? like you said depends...on everything. (mode, stage, etc)

I personally alternate between:
if at any point i feel i cant effectively counterattack (FP or toros)
i stall the opponent.... ensure the opponent i fight gains little AP from me while i build off his partner and make sure my partner stays offensive.....ill shoot with the intention of hitting my opponents teamate and just play defensive till my partner has a super which can multi kill....i draw the character chasing me....(whos kinda frustrated that he hasnt really built up enough level 1) over to my partner. and now hes gonna start forcing i can just be patient

be as big of an ahole as possible...people will whine that you snipe...whatever....people will whine that you throw combo alot...whatever....people complain that they get stickied all the time blah blah..pretty much all of radecs moves are just perfect for being a total dbag...expect salt to so many degrees.

i keep one of the opponents occupied by fighting me while i take potshots at his partner (who is occupied by my partner)....

if im outclassed character wise...i never fight the one im that i mean keep the (usually melee heavy character busy) at bay by just avoiding their attacks and taking pot shots at his essentally turns 2v2 to 2v1 w special guest. Theres no harm in running and it actually screws the agressor over and gives me time to build AP off his partner while hes chasing me lol....

if your partner can grief up close (hack n slash genre characters) its a solid win....
these partners are great for radec...and if radec plays correctly he can really be an asset....machine gun hold and flamethrower hold are great for assisting in "locking characters in place so your partner can super them.
PSN: grau 226
Radec (brother:Sweet tooth)

User Info: BkzUzi

4 years ago#16
Stop being an hipster and choosing characters that are bad and no one plays.
We need less variety online. Gosh.

User Info: Kindertotenwald

4 years ago#17
Ok thanks guys there is some good stuff in here, although I already knew a lot of it.
PSASBR: Big Daddy
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