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User Info: Shorydouken

4 years ago#1
Trolling is the Humor/Anger of the internet. Without it, we would not have balance. Or something like that... Also, yes, I am y_not_zoidy

User Info: Niyel7

4 years ago#2
kats feet?

User Info: BkzUzi

4 years ago#3
Niyel7 posted...
kats feet?

Kat's black feet?

User Info: Terrapon

4 years ago#4
Watch then end of starwars ep VI thats how i feel.... THE GALAXY IS AT PEACE.

User Info: Prismsblade

4 years ago#5
Does his aerial version still do?
Its commonly known on Gamefaqs that if anything is more evident than proven facts, its personal opinions.

User Info: blaze19_0X

4 years ago#6
Are you sure?

So they did change a lot of things.

User Info: LightEcoSage

4 years ago#7
Shorydouken posted...

Are you completely sure?
"Jak, you are the Greatest of Heroes" ~Precursor Leader

User Info: ImDyinSquirtle

4 years ago#8
BkzUzi posted...
Niyel7 posted...
kats feet?

Kat's white feet?
Help me Squirtle, dont just stand there...Im freaking dying

User Info: Niyel7

4 years ago#9
ImDyinSquirtle posted...
BkzUzi posted...
Niyel7 posted...
kats feet?

Kat's white feet?

Kat's orange feet?

User Info: PyroSpark

4 years ago#10
This is false. Connects just fine.
rexator-"Make it a money match so that the winner gets to crap in the other's mouth." PSN: PyroSpark7

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