A fun little moment I had

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User Info: MegatheGaurdian

4 years ago#1
So one time I was playing a few unranked 2v2s with an online friend. I decided to work on my main, Spike, while my friend went with his main, Good Cole. We found a double Kratos team and they had mics too. They were hilarious; they literally said b**** to us every time they took us out, and they only took us out twice; one on each of us. When they took me out I ended up spawning near him and hit him with my Level 1, then used the "I'm still better than you!" taunt. I had a good laugh just off of that.

In the end we beat them pretty easily with me getting the most points. Out of all the online matches I've ever done that was the funnest. Never underestimate the power of Spike; he'll slap your petty Kratos blades to nothing!

How about you guy? What fun little stories do you guys have to share?
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User Info: MetroidMewtwo

4 years ago#2
Yesterday or the day before, I was playing Online with a friend and his friends(whom I don't know); I was Sir Dan and one of them was Kat. Towards the end of the match, I accidentally end up doing Forward Triangle(his Charge) at the same time Kat used her Level 3... So I ended up charging head-long into death.

Later, me and my friend were playing Ranked 2v2 and we both ended up picking Kat. Who was our opponent team? Two other Kats. So it was 4 Kats flying all over the InFamous Tower, and it was funny as hell. The best part, though, was that me and my friend managed to win.
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User Info: AllmightyJebus

4 years ago#3
Whenever I win over a lot of teabagging opponents, my manhood is restored.
Come on, slam! And welcome to the jam!
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User Info: AMP1317

4 years ago#4
I was doing unranked random matches and ended up being put into teams. My partner left before the match started and it was me, Nariko, against 2 mic users who where obviously partying together (a Radec and Raiden).

Now, I'm not very good with Nariko so I figured I'd lose. The mic users were no older than 13, and started talking trash to me. For some reason, I was on fire that round. Comboing like a king, and punishing their mistakes (granted they wern't very good).

They called me out for using the same move over and over again (I utilized all of them...), not having a proper PSN name (AMP1317), and being bad at the game. I managed to get rid of the Raiden (never once getting to my level 3) and just had the Radec left. I chased him around for a good while, still being called a homosexual and a pile of sticks for sucking at the game.

He rage quit before the match ended (it was stock, we each had 1 life left). I thought it was quite hilarious!
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