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Your stage ideas (spoilers from other Sony games)

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User Info: RollerBob

4 years ago#1
What are your stage ideas? What new stage would you like to see?

I don't know why that wasn't created because one would think that it would have been a no-brainer, but a stage in Ico's tower that is suddenly attacked by a Colossus would have been great.

Here's another one: how about MediEvil Resurrection's Dragon Island that gets suddenly transformed into a battlefield between the Asylians and Mokai tribe from Lair*?

*Lair is a Sony-published PS3 exclusive game, thus is eligible for visibility in this game
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User Info: Terrapon

4 years ago#2
How about a valley area(based of patapon 2) where a monster from monster hunters series and attacks the players. The monster would be killed by the patapon army then would go to them cooking it?

User Info: xPainisCupcakex

4 years ago#3
I want the ship from Uncharted 3. The stage would be the ballroom with the stairs and piano. The hazard would be henchmen shooting rpgs from the rafters. When this, the boat tilts to the side (just as in U3) so that the giant glass ceiling becomes the backdrop and you can see the sea as the boat sinks. The boat descends into Rapture. The stage hazard here would be a submarine that crashes through the glass and becomes a platform. In the background are fishies and stuff, but a Big Sister will spot the fighters and climb into the ballroom through the submarine, where she will occasionally dash across the length of the stage.

User Info: boy_luck

4 years ago#4
A Journey stage mashed up with Shadow of the Colossus would be awesome. I already have an idea how they could implement it.

First you see a coliseum, all lonely, with Mono lying dead in the middle on a dais. Then you see Wander on Agro, luring a colossus. The colossus becomes the stage hazard as Wander tries to battle it. Wander manages to climb it and stabs him in his weak spot, say, the head, and suddenly the mashup occurs. A bunch of sand comes down in a landslide and topples the colossus. Journey's mystic mountain rises in the back and starts shooting out Journeyers that come help Wander in purifying the colossus with their chanting "attack."

And it ends, the colossus defeated, becoming ruins in the desert while the Journeyers sing and celebrate with Agro in the back, while Wander embraces a living Mono that was previously revived by one of the white Journeyers. As they sing, they can shoot their symbols into the battlefield that burst into AP spheres.

...anyway, that's my idea. It's a stretch, but I personally think it would be pretty cool.
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User Info: christiankid7

4 years ago#5
GOW X Infamous

Maybe start out in Olympia

The Beast attacks Olympus and the gods try to fight him off. Players have to avoid having their ap drained by the Beast at some points as well as avoiding Zeus' lightning

Poseidon covers the bottom of the stage with water at one point, causing the fight to move upwards or something.

Medievil X Fat Princess

Zarok invades Titania

DmC X DMC/Tekken/MediEvil

Limbo City is invaded by Devil Jin/Zarok/ and Vergil (DMC3)
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User Info: donkeycoot233

4 years ago#6
I've got a few. GRAVITY RUSHHHHH

N.Sanity Isle-Mash up of Crash and Gravity Rush
You start out on the beach, avoiding falling wumpa and nitro crates. Then, Crash comes in and spins in to a tornado and it becomes Gravity Rush and Nushi(giant nevi worm) flies around at certain heights, and you have to avoid it.

Blast Off-Mash up of Katamari and Gravity Rush
SOOOO you start off in a town from Katamari. Things like soy sauce fall from the ceiling. Sometimes AP, too. Then you see the Katamari rolling around in the backround, and it picks up the continent. Then, the King of all Cosmos comes and makes a rainbow ray, which teleports you to the outerspace rift plane from Gravity Rush comes in, and its low grav.

Inferno-Mash up of Gravity Rush and FFVI
You start in the inferno rift plane. fireballs float around, nothing special. But theeen, This pixel ray comes and makes retro flames. The world shatters, and it shows the setting for FFVI in the backround, messages and all. Then, Kefka battle starts, messages come on the screen like "Blaze" and then fire darts across the screen stunning everyone. Attacks like that, and then they defeat him and it turns black with Kat chasing after Dusty. "Dusty!!!!"

Warped-Mash up of Crash 3 and Uncharted 3
Its in the place where you fight NTrophy from Crash 3, and the time is warped so it is fast sometimes, but slow at others. Then Aku AKu comes and goes ungabunga and this sundial comes on the screen now, and shows the desert from uncharted 3 and you can see the little Journey guy sliding around in the backround.
Ya, pretty sw-GRAVITY. RUSHHHH.

User Info: SalemFox

4 years ago#7
Well first of all i thought the dragons in the background of the uncharted stage was from Lair o-o


Ape Escape 3 Warp Station Vs Metal gear Solid stage (cant think of a stage in particular)
Your Start out at the warp station then after some time passes, you will go to a random Monkey 5 battle. Like you may end up in the Monkey Yellow battle, where you have to dodge her (or maybe his o.O) nipple stars, or Monkey Blue's bullets. At some point, you warp to the metal gear solid stage, where in the background you can see Pipo Snake and Pipo Ocelot battle it out,where you have to avoid their attacks. and in the background you see Snake and Ocelot going "wtf?" and then Pipo Mantis pops outta nowhere and things happens o_o

Eh thats all i got lol
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User Info: Johnbobb

4 years ago#8
Stages I posted in older topics:

Resistance + Katamari:
The stage takes place on The Prince's home planet, with other planets on the background. Legions of Chimera begin landing on the various planets chasing the various people, before The Prince comes in and begins rolling up the Chimera. Eventually (if he's not a playable character) King of the Cosmos comes in and destroys all of the Chimera.

Bioshock + EyePet:
It takes place on Sander Cohen's stage in front of his "artistic" wall of photos. One at a time, various EyePet's show up in place of the pictures, which Cohen interacts with via a Playstation Eye.

Heavy Rain + Flower:
Jayden is shown sitting at his desk cycling through the different environments in ARI (Underwater, Mars, Forest, Cliff). The petals from Flower float in (variably affected by the different environments) and distract Jayden, causing him to accidentally mess with the environment.

God of War + Shadow of the Colossus:
The stage takes place on top of a titan and a colossus, who are brawling on the climb toward Mt. Olympus.
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User Info: RollerBob

4 years ago#9

Keep it up guys :)
Yes, I'm Canadian. Yes, I speak french. Yes, I live in Quebec.
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