Any good cole tips?

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User Info: rcc4195

4 years ago#1
Hey guys, I posted a while back asking for a main character. I got good suggestions like sackboy, ratchet, and good cole. Ive used these 3 and found that I do the best with good cole. I would like some tips on how to get good combos with him and quick ways to build AP. I take advantage of the icicle jump (ground and air) alot but it doesnt really help combo-wise, thank you

User Info: Crabhammar

4 years ago#2
He sucks
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User Info: DevourerofLove

4 years ago#3
*Saw title and expected something else*

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User Info: TheBlackAce222

4 years ago#4
Crabhammar posted...
He sucks

Crab. Y u do dis?

Use more redirect rocket.
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User Info: rcc4195

4 years ago#5
He doesnt suck..I think he is an all around character, and yea i try to use he redirect rocket but I always get rushed after I hit two and I never get breathing room after that. That is about the time I want to get some close range combos in, which is what Im asking for here

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