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User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#1
Just gonna list some of my old stuff with some edits while I'm thinking up a stage idea.

Dovahkiin (aka Dragonborn)- Skyrim

Default Costume- Iconic studded armor/iron helmet stuff, uses Steel weapons in his moves.
Alt Costume- Dragonplate Armor, uses the Dragon Bone weapons from Dawnguard in his moves.
Alt 2- Daedric, uses respective weaponry same as the last costumes.

Square attacks-

Neutral- uses sword and shield for a 3-4 hit combo. In air he instead uses dual swords doing a combo of the same speed, but sends foes away.

Side- Shield bash- knocks away opponents, can be used mid-neutral square combo.

Down- 2h power attack- swings a battle-axe/war hammer/great sword downward in an arc popping opponents up. Air version- drops down slamming the ground with the weapon giving a small shock wave that knocks opponents back.

Up- Dual sword attack- slices the swords like a pair of scissors upward at an angle similar to Evil Cole's.

Triangle attacks-

Neutral- Bow shot- can rapidly fire shots with his bow and angle them similar to Cole and Evil Cole, however the arrows fire at an arc if fired upwards.

Side- Dagger leap- does a short hop forward with two daggers, stabbing an opponent. If hit the foe is hit, they can randomly become poisoned for a short amount of time slowing them down. Air version he leaps downward at an angle.

Down- Poison drop- The Dovahkiin tosses a vial of poison down directly at his feet similar to Sir Dan's down circle, leaving a cloud of poison that gives him ap. (I know you can't actually do this in Skyrim, but I wanted to get each 'specialization' set into each button)

Up- Crossbow- Fires the Crossbow upward an an angle, causes enemies to be launched back.

Circle attacks-

Neutral- Destruction spell- fires off a Firebolt spell forward at a medium distance, however it can be charged to change into a Fireball to cause a small AoE explosion to knock enemies away. Can be held and charged while moving, but significantly slows the Dovahkiin down.

Side- Paralyze- fires the spell forward at a similar distance to Cole's side circle, stuns an opponent for a short amount of time if it hits them.

Down- Healing- begins using the 'Healing' spell, and builds AP, similar to Toro's sleep attack.

Up- Conjure Flame Atronach- Summons a flame Atronach for a short amount of time that fires firebolts at foes, can be killed before it's timer runs out.


Level 1- Unrelenting Force- the ever famous Fus Ro Dah, fires a shock wave a very short distance away from the Dovahkiin (think like the distance for Raiden's break dance of death, but only in front of him) making foes fly forward a short distance (nowhere near as far as Cole's though) before killing them.

Level 2- Dragonrend- The Dovahkiin looks to the sky and uses the shouts, tearing a dragon from the sky and making it plummet down in a straight vertical line to where he is standing. Once it lands the Dovahkiin kills it with a stab and quickly devours it's soul. (looking back at this particular one it's basically Emmet's level 2)

Level 3- Dragon Aspect and Marked for Death- The Dovahkiin uses the new Dragon Aspect shout, surrounding him in an aura, and Marked For Death on his foes. The Dovahkiin can then run around the stage using different shouts to finish off foes-

Square becomes Elemental Fury imbued Dual Sword attacks, Triangle becomes Whirlwind Sprint making him kill anyone he charges into, and Circle becomes Fire Breath, making him shoot large fire blasts similar to Kratos's Level 3's circle.

Lvl 3 Theme-

Taunts- He uses Throw Voice shout making a random insult (i.e. Cheese Brain, Skeever Butt).

Sheogorath appears and yells one of his famous lines.

Glows as if he devoured a dragon soul and gives a heroic pose.
GT: Dsurion21

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#2
Dovahkiin's throws-

Side-smashes them away with a side power attack from whatever two handed weapon he's using.

Up- he tosses them up with the telekinesis spell, then launches them away with Ice Spike.

Down- He does one of the stealthed Dagger finishers on the enemy dropping them to the ground


-The Dovahkiin sprints in from one of the sides and stops as he reaches the screen, looking around before readying his sword and shield.

-The Whirlwind Sprint shout is heard and the Dovahkiin appears almost out of nowhere, steadying himself from the shout before raising his blade at the screen.

-The Dovahkiin rises from a kneeling position with his sword at the ready.

-The Dovahkiin is looking down with only his sword out pointed to the ground, then slowly looks up towards the screen. (what he does when the dragon landed in the live action trailer)


-The effect for devouring a dragon soul passes through the Dovahkiin as he takes a triumphant pose.

-The Dovahkiin rests whatever 2h weapon he's using on his shoulder, smirking a bit.

-The Dovahkiin shouts at the sky.

-The Dovahkiin hears a dragon roar and runs off to the side of the screen in pursuit.

Outro losses-

-The Dovahkiin is collapsed to the ground struggling to get up.

-The Dovahkiin is on one knee supporting himself with the 2h weapon.

-The Dovahkiin looks toward the sky holding his helmet in his hands.

-The Dovahkiin is holding his leg with an arrow in his knee.

Victory Theme-

Victory 1- first level up tone in the video.
Victory 2-
GT: Dsurion21

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#3
Steve- Minecraft

Default Costume- Default Steve
Alt Costume- Iron Armor Steve
2nd Alt- Creeper Hunter (popular user created skin)

Square Attacks-

Neutral- Slashes with his sword, leads into a rapid fire volley of slashes (in true minecraft stiff slashing animation form), similar to Parappa's. Air version is simply a horizontally spinning slash that knocks them away.

Side-Throws an Ender Pearl forward, teleporting to wherever it hit, if it hits an enemy, he teleports to them and gives them a quick slash with his sword.

Up- Swings in an upward arc with the Axe, knocking his opponent upwards.

Down- Quickly stabs the shovel in the ground kicking up a bit of dirt in front of him that can harm foes. It's weak but can be used as a poke or interrupt move. Air version he instead drops a sand block downwards while standing on top of it. Very short ranged horizontally.


Neutral- Fires his bow straight forward, arcs a bit, can be charged to do more damage.

Side- Tosses a 'poison' splash potion forward, if it hits the enemy it poisons them, giving him little bits of AP.

Up- Uses the Flint and Steel to make a fire burst above him, can be charged to make it bigger (I know it doesn't actually work like that in the game)

Down- tosses out a bucket of water to knocks enemies away, can randomly be lava instead for extra damage.


Neutral- Places a Dispenser which fires arrows out forward either until it's destroyed or it vanishes.

Side- Tosses a TnT block forwards, that explodes after a bit of time, best used as a crowd control.

Up- Places a Piston at his feet which launches him upwards, however it stays and his opponents can use it as well, or destroy it.

Down- Sets down a Crafting Table which produces AP in a similar manner to Parappa's boom box.


Side- A Minecart appears behind the enemy and Steve pushes them into it and kicks it, hurling them forwards and making them lose AP as it goes forward leaving a trail.

Up- Steve sets a Cactus down and slams the enemy onto it, causing them to fly upwards and lose AP.

Down- Steve places a Gravel block above the enemy, which slams down on top of them and makes them lose AP.

Level 1- A creeper appears and Steve panics, kicking it forwards and making it explode. Only goes a short distance, if an enemy is hit by the kicked creeper, it explodes on contact.

Level 2- Steve raises up his trust Diamond Pick Ax and gets a small speed boost, able to his opponents with a charging smash, making them explode in a similar manner to stone blocks.

Level 3- Steve looks upward and sees the moon appear causing him to panic and rush toward his house. Once inside he hops in bed and a pair of Enderman eyes appear outside his window. The super is in essence like Fat Princess's with enemies from Minecraft appearing and doing different attacks. Creepers will attempt to rush enemies and explode if they hit them. Skeletons will fire arrows. Endermen will teleport around trying to take swipes at enemies. Herobrine will also appear every now and then dropping pillars of Lava that move slowly downward. Steve's house will be on the battlefield, appearing on specific areas of each one that won't change. Such as the flowers in the center of Franzea, while on stages such as Fearless and Invasion it will be on floating blocks due to how they transition between two different playing fields.

When it finishes Steve steps out and his house vanishes.


Steve sets a sign down with one of the many lines that appears on the title screen on it.

Steve puts on a Pumpkin and does a 'scary' pose.

Steve's eyes suddenly turn white like Herobrine's and he levitates in place for a bit.
GT: Dsurion21

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#4
Steve again-


-Steve looks at a map, holding it at different angles trying to figure out where he is before tossing it aside.

-A nether portal appears and he jumps out sword ready.

-A minecart track is seen, and Steve zooms up on a minecart then jumps out.

-A Creeper hiss is heard off screen and Steve runs in from the left, before an explosion is set off knocking him to the ground, and he gets up looking around.


-Steve sleeps in his bed.

-Steve holds his sword up in a heroic pose.

-Steve holds up a cake in celebration of his victory.

-Steve holds up a Diamond with an excited look on his face.

Outro losses-

-Steve is collapsed on the ground.

-Steve is on his knees looking at his sword which is split in two.

-Steve simply has a frustrated look as chicken's wander around him.

-Steve simply is on the ground crying.

Victory themes-

Victory 1-
Victory 2-
GT: Dsurion21

User Info: Rainbowsaurus

4 years ago#5
I'll bite. I'll need to find my game to come up with a precise moveset and more taunts, outros, etc, but this is just a general idea.

Enoch-El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron
Default - His default outfit:
Costume 2 - Lucifel's outfit
Costume 3 - Something similar to Amaros' outfit, but a bit different

(not gonna be specific with the attacks)
Square attacks - His normal punches and kicks

Triangle attacks - He uses the Arch:

Circle attacks - He uses the Gale:

Supers, Taunts, Taunts - I'm a bit lost here. Not too sure what he'd do...

Throw - His throws would incorporate the Veil, like hitting them into the air and crushing them down with the shield, or grabbing them and punching them with one of the gauntlets:

Intro - He ascends from above, purifying one his weapons

Outro (win) - He spins his weapon around and poses

Outro (loss) - His armor breaks off and he collapses

User Info: T_l_M_B_0

4 years ago#6
Lol @ Minecraft rep on PS3.
Lightning is a terrible character. Deal with it.
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User Info: SalemFox

4 years ago#7
T_l_M_B_0 posted...
Lol @ Minecraft rep on PS3.

funny because minecraft didnt even get a port on ps3.
PSASBR Mains: Corvo, The Scout, Pong

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#8
T_l_M_B_0 posted...
Lol @ Minecraft rep on PS3.

It's a create a character not a "Who do you think will be a new character in the game". I just thought Steve would be a fun character to think up a move set for.. And nice Rainbowsaurus, I'm looking forward to seeing the full move set.
GT: Dsurion21

User Info: Rainbowsaurus

4 years ago#9
SalemFox posted...
T_l_M_B_0 posted...
Lol @ Minecraft rep on PS3.

funny because minecraft didnt even get a port on ps3.

Funnier because I've seen other requests for Steve? before. I love Minecraft and all, but he has no place in this game. If there ever was a PS3 port (which there won't) then maybe.

I would love to see him in this though :s

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#10
Considering all of the buzz about this Finn character from Sorcery....

Finn and Jake- Adventure Time.

Jake runs alongside Finn staying near him at all times, being hit when he is and dodging as well. Imagine the Ice Climbers, but rather than acting as two different characters with one having an A.I., they are both the same controllable character.

Default- Finn has his normal appearance with his trademark hat and has the Demon Sword. Jake has his normal appearance.
Alt 1- Fionna and Cake. Has a different voice level one's character is changed.
Alt 2- Finn has his appearance from the Alternate Universe with his prosthetic claw arm. Has a normal sword. Jake has a more realistic appearance as he did with the alternate universe, but has the same basic model.


(I'll come up with better attack names later)
Neutral- Sword Swipe- Does a two hit sword slash from horizontal to vertical. Sends enemy flying. Air version he slices downward and the enemy is slammed downward.

Side- Charge!- Finn lunges forward with a front flip, then slams his sword down in front of him. Pops enemies upwards. Air version he holds his sword out during the flip doing a spinning slash.

Down- Slide Kick- Finn does a short sliding kick, if it hits it can be chained into his other square attacks. In the air he does a quick plummeting stomp attack, flattens enemies.

Up- Kung fu- Does an upward angled spinning kick, launching himself in upward at the same angle. Only goes a short height. Can be used to chain into another air attack.


Neutral- Jake Bow- Jake makes his arm into a bow and fires an arrow. Can be charged to do more damage. However it only goes a short distance in comparison to other ranged attacks.

Side- Jake PAWNCH- Jake extends his arm outward with an enlarged fist. Sends enemies flying away. Air version is the same.

Down- Stretch mode- Jake seems to pull him self closer together vertically. You can then pick a direction to move. In the direction you pick Jake will stretch in that direction. If he hits and enemy, floor, or wall he will pull himself to it. If he hits an enemy they will be slammed away. (I'll probably replace it later)

Up- Jake Spring- Jake grabs Finn and changes his legs into a spring and launches himself upwards. Knocks enemies upwards. Air version he launches his arms upwards at about the same range as Emmet's final up square attack.


Neutral- BMO- Finn pulls out BMO who launches a pixelated version of different attacks including- A fire ball, a lightning bolt, and an icicle. Each has a different effect.

Side- Ice shuriken- Finn tosses an Ice Shuriken. Can toss three in a quick succession, the final one sends enemies flying if they were hit by the first two.

Down- Card Wars- Jake tosses down a Card Wars card summoning the Ancient Scholar. It will read from a book creating AP like Parappa's boombox.

Up- Imagination- Jake uses his powerful imagination to spawn a random monster from Adventure Time which proceeds to chase enemies for a short time. Can hit them for small amounts of AP gain, more of an annoyance move.


Level 1- Marceline (or Marshal Lee for alt 1)- Marceline appears and grabs Finn and Jake, then rushes forward. They can be hit out of it.

Level 2- The Enchiridion- Finn opens the Enchiridion, opening a portal. The cosmic owl flies out and fires a beam of energy. Similar to Radec's.

Level 3- Souls of a thousand party demons- Jake begins to glow and his eyes change into stars that wildly change colors. He floats upwards and the enemy characters are seen being forced to do different dances (Like Jak and Daxter doing their dance from the end of Jak 1) while Jake himself dances in the background. A large beam of light comes down on top of the enemies killing them. Basically a screen clear.
GT: Dsurion21
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