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User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#11
I'll come up with more for that Finn and Jake one later. I actually had quite a bit of fun coming up with some of those moves- especially that level 3.
GT: Dsurion21

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#12
Ganondorf- Legend of Zelda.

Default Costume)- OoT appearance, sword is the sword they used in the Gamecube tech demo.
Alt)- Twilight Princess appearance, sword is his glowing sage blade from that one.
Alt 2)- Wind Waker appearance, a more realistic version of it anyways, sword takes the shape of one of his two blades from the boss fight.


Neutral- Gerudo Combo- a three hit combo in which Ganondorf punches, slashes downwards with his sword then backhands them, knocking them away. Air version he simply smashes them downwards with his fist.

Side- Heavy Kick- Ganondorf kicks forwards knocking the enemy down (like Heihachi counter style knockdown), cannot be used to combo into his level 1.

Up- Heavens Piercer- Ganondorf swings his sword upwards in an arc, lifting enemies up, then stabs directly above him. Air version simply causes him to lunge upwards stabbing his sword directly above him.

Down- Gerudo Slam- Ganondorf punches downward to knock an enemy to their knees then immediately slams downward with his sword.


Neutral- Spin Attack (had to get it in there it's iconic to the series after all)- Ganondorf spins with his sword, drawing enemies inwards then knocks tosses them back a bit. Like Sweet Tooth's Chainsaw.

Side- Ganondorf charges forward with his trident trampling people to the ground or knocking them away if he hits them. Air goes at an angle downwards.

Up- Ganondorf stabs forward at an angle with his trident.

Down- Earth Shaker- Ganondorf slams his fist into the ground making enemies near him get sent flying. Air version makes him drop and slam, being higher with the drop makes the shock wave bigger.


Neutral- Energy blast- Ganondorf tosses a bolt of energy forward, can be charged to make it stronger however. Air version slows down his fall when it charges.

Side- Stalfos- Ganondorf summons a Stalfos which does a slow three hit attack. Air version simply does a dropping slash.

Up- Moblin- Ganondorf summons a Moblin which pulls out a bow and fires arrows (that do not interrupt attacks) however it auto aims for enemies for the short time it's placed. Can be killed. Air version drops and begins firing from where it lands.

Down- ReDead- Ganondorf summons a ReDead which he kicks forward. If it hits an enemy it latches onto them slowing them down, and giving Ganondorf small amounts of AP. Vanishes after 5-10 seconds. Air version is kicked down at an angle.


Side- Ganondorf picks up the enemy by the throat, then tosses them behind him.

Up- Ganondorf stabs the foe with his sword and heaves them upwards with a burst of dark power.

Down- Ganondorf knocks the enemy down and stabs them with his trident.


Level 1- Warlock Punch- Ganondorf pulls back his fists, then punches forward with his fist covered in darkness. Has a decent ranged but has a bit of a slow start up.

Level 2- Ganon- Ganondorf morphs into his monstrous form Ganon raising his twin swords. He then quickly slams them down and makes a shock around him that kills anyone his. Enemies can also be killed by the sword slam itself.

Level 3- The power of the Triforce- Ganondorf raises his fist up, causing the triforce to glow and he begin crackling with golden energy. During the super he gains the ability to fly and gain three attacks-

Square- Energy Blast- fires quick energy blasts similar to Jak's.

Triangle- Homing blast- unleashes his slow moving homing blast from the OoT boss battle (which this super is based off of if you haven't guessed.) It moves slow, but the homing can prove deadly for an unwary foe.

Circle- Dark Pulse- Ganondorf launches a pulsing wave of darkness around him, causing enemies controls to be reversed for a set amount of time.
GT: Dsurion21

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#13
Ganondorf's taunts-

These toy's are too much for you!- Ganondorf levitates with his fist raised, the back of it facing outwards and the Triforce of Power glows.

A future... for you?- Ganondorf laughs similarly to how he did during the Wind Waker boss fight.

An impressive looking blade...- Ganondorf slashes his sword outwards, stopping and pointing it toward the screen or the background then brings it back to his side.

Level 3 theme-

Victory 1-
Victory 2- (with more of an evil tone)


1)Ganondorf draws his blade from it's sheathe and smirks.
2)Ganondorf floats downwards from above, crackling with energy.
3)Ganondorf appears in the way he teleported in Twilight Princess.
4)Phantom Ganon is shown mounted on his horse ready to fight, but is dragged into a portal and Ganondorf steps up and gets in a fighting stance.


1)Ganondorf gives an evil laugh with his sword stabbed in the ground.
2)Ganondorf does his signature fist raise with the Triforce of Power glowing.
3)Ganondorf hops on his horse, which rears back then runs off screen.
4)Ganondorf walks away seemingly dissapointed.

Outro loss-

1)Ganondorf is kneeling with his blade stabbed in the ground seemingly wounded.
2)Ganondorf is dragged into a portal to the Sacred Realm.
3)Ganondorf has his back facing the screen and is looking downward.
4)Ganondorf turns to stone like in the end of Wind Waker.
GT: Dsurion21

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#14
Stages now-

Mount Olympus- God of War 3. Mash up- Final Fantasy 7.

Song at the start-

Song at the final phase of the transition-

Description- The starts off atop the peak of Olympus, with Zeus standing in the background, pacing back and forth watching the fighters, a storm raging in the background. The stage is mostly flat, but the middle lowers a bit, almost a polar opposite to Columbia's floor. Zeus will at random call lightning bolts down upon parts of the stage, A beam of light signifies where they're going to come down. Through out this, a large glowing object is seen getting closer and larger as time passes. About a minute in (assuming it's a 3 minute timed match) the object hits being revealed to be Meteor (with a very shocked Zeus noticing it far too late), which smashes into Olympus causing the peak to explode in debris, and sends the platform off the side.

During this second phase the song suddenly becomes mixed with One Winged Angel, and among the collapsing debris behind the falling platform. Sephiroth can be seen appearing and starts duking it out with Zeus among the rubble, every now and then causing stray attacks to hit the platform, either nearly hitting it and being a hazard to fighters, or hitting it directly and splitting it into multiple pieces (three at the end, imagine the beginning of Invasion).

At the end of the second minute, the platforms crash into a cavern which is revealed to be in the Planet's Core from FF7, specifically the platform you had the final battle with J.E.N.O.V.A. on. The stage is back to being flat, however at random platforms or pillars will rise from the ground, either floating or simply jutting out. In the background Zeus and Sephiroth can still be seen duking it out (with a random winner at the end) still sending stray attacks into the playing field.

The Citadel- Mass Effect, Ratchet and Clank.

Music for the first phase-

Music for the second phase-

Description- The battle takes place in the final boss area of Mass Effect 1 in the Council Chambers. Saren stands in the background floating on his disk where he was during that scene. Through the glass in the background the Alliance ships can be seen attacking Sovereign. The stage itself is flat, with the ramp leading up to the council stand directly in the center in the background. As the battle goes on holographic platforms will activate floating above the stage, and rubble will collapse to form cover and new platforms.

The stage hazards are simple- Saren himself who will fire rockets and pistol fire down on the arena are the combatants, and the rubble that will collapse from the ceiling or sides.

A bit into the battle ships from R&C appear in the background, seemingly helping the Alliance ships battle Sovereign. Alister Azimuth will proceed to burst through an outer window in the chambers, knocking Saren off his floating disc. The two will start dueling with Saren firing off shots or attempting biotics to take down the agile Lombax, while Alister will attempt to charge in and hit him with melee attacks.

At this point the hazards change to simply watching out for stray hits from either fighter, or pieces of the chamber collapsing from Alister attempting to use them to crush Saren. Near the end of the battle Alister will tackle Saren into the pit below the ramp and council seating and in the background and Sovereign will be seen exploding.
GT: Dsurion21

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#15
Tsunopolis- War of the Monsters, inFAMOUS.

Song at the start- (Only song I could find >.>)
Song at the final phase of the transition-

Description- The stage takes place atop a set of three buildings, with a main plaza of the city in the background, as well as a view of the ocean. The set up is similar to that of Paris, however with a raised building on the left as well as the right, though slightly higher, with a sign just in the background's catwalk acting as a platform above the center building, bridging the two raised buildings.

During the fight the following monsters are seen fighting in the background- Togera, Ultra-V, Congar, and Preytor. Throughout the battle they also act as hazards, causing stray cars, antennae, or wreckage to plummet towards the stage. Every now and then one of the monsters themselves will be a hazard, being slammed onto one of the three buildings, also destroying the sign (though the catwalk survives).

Eventually a stray tossed weapon will be flung out and hit the U.F.O. floating over the bay, causing the alien crew to retaliate by creating a tsunami. The tsunami will begin rushing towards the stage, and just as it's about to hit a large red light will appear in it's path just in the background of the stage, stopping the water in it's tracks also triggering the song mash up. The Beast will appear in an explosion of light, causing the water to surge back to the ocean.

He presents a few new hazards with his powers. Every now and then he will do his black hole attack while fighting against the four monsters, causing certain objects around the stage to rise and be new platforms to battle on, or the players themselves (not fond of the idea since people don't like when that happens in Time Station.)
Another hazard presented will be his fireballs being added to the mix of stray weaponry.

Near the end of the battle The Beast is forced to move to another part of the city while flinging one of the enemy monsters through a building. From there the monsters and the Beast no longer present a hazard, which should be about 10-20 seconds before the end (assuming it's a 3 minute match.)
GT: Dsurion21

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#16
Finally came up with a new stage that I'm kind of happy with. And I actually ended up spending a good amount of time not typing anything when looking up the themes, ended up listening to the music from Journey in awe for I don't know how long. I really gotta play that game now. I'm going off of what I did in a quick look at Journey playthroughs so forgive my ignorance on it.

Stage- Phalanax- Shadow of the Colossus, Journey

Theme for first phase-
Theme for second phase-

The battle begins on what seems like a basic desert, a flat floor with dunes and ruins in the background. About 10 seconds in the sand under the All-stars feet seems to start rising, only to fall away as it's revealed they're standing atop Phalanax, the thirteenth colossus. The battleground remains being mostly flat, and is quite large. The stage stays like this for the first minute (assuming it's a 3 minute time match). Ghost tags (if that's what they're called, I keep seeing people call them that) will be seen floating in the wind around the battleground as Phalanax flies onward. The player can jump into them granting them a light flying ability for about 3 seconds. Once jumped into that clump will vanish though more will appear.

Eventually the mountain will become visible in the background, and the Journeyer will suddenly jump up onto Phalanax with the help of the ghost tags and stare at the mountain from it's back.

Phalanax will suddenly do a barrel roll dropping the Journeyer and the players from it's back down to the desert below. The battle field will then become a desert again, but rather than being flat it will have a few ruins on either side and the center. Each ruin has a platform at different heights. Ghost tags will float among the ruins still offering flight ability. The mountain will still be in the background with Phalanax slowly flying towards it. The Journeyer will stand among the ruins for a short time watching the players before running off toward the mountain.
GT: Dsurion21

User Info: Rainbowsaurus

4 years ago#17
Bookmarking this, because I think I'll do a Maximo moveset tomorrow. I know where that is, so I can be a bit more precise.

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#18
Rainbowsaurus posted...
Bookmarking this, because I think I'll do a Maximo moveset tomorrow. I know where that is, so I can be a bit more precise.

Cool cool, looking forward to it. Looks like it could be an interesting move set.
GT: Dsurion21

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#19
Finn and Jake continuation-


Side- Finn grabs the enemy and holds him down, then Jake punches them away.

Down- Finn uppercuts the enemy then Jake slams them down with a double handed strike with enlarged fists.

Up- Jake punches the opponent in the stomach then Finn does a flip kick sending them upwards.

Special mobility-

Finn and Jake have the ability to run up walls similarly to Raiden.


Adventure Time!- Finn and Jake do a fist bump.

Mathematical- Finn and Jake do a cheer, yelling one of his math related phrases.

Dance!- Jake starts dancing and Finn crosses his arms and laughs.

Having trouble with coming up with Intros and outros atm so I'll deal with that later.
GT: Dsurion21

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#20

High Hrothgar- Skyrim, Shadow of the Colossus

Theme for first phase- first song.
Theme for the second phase-

The stage takes place in the courtyard of High Hrothgar, with the ledge facing off of the mountain in the background, and the gate leading to said ledge is shut. The stage is set up as flat ground, with the main building of High Hrothgar at the far left end of the stage, acting as a wall. A platform rests on top of it for combatants to stand on. To the right is the gate that leads up to the peak of the Throat of the World, with the whirlwind still going. He whirlwind simply acts as an invisible wall, so projectile attacks will go through it. There are a few pillars with platforms scattered throughout the battlefield.

The greybeards will be observing the battle, but they will not interfere due to their pacifistic nature. About 30 seconds in (assuming it's a 3:00 battle) a dragon will land on one of the ledges to the side of the gate and observe the fight, but unlike the greybeards it will breath fire every now and then on whatever ledge it's on. It will swap ledges every so often.

Once the fight has reached a minute and thirty seconds the dragon will use Storm Call, making the sky become dark and it begins to rain. Flashes of lightning in the background will reveal a massive shape appearing in the background in the plains of Whiterun hold- Malus, the sixteenth Colossus. Throughout most of the fight you will only see his silhouette except for his eyes and the glowing bands on his arms, with flashes of lightning revealing the rest of him.

Malus will send the dragon away with one of his explosive blasts of fire, and destroy the gate in the background. From here, he will fire bolts toward the battleground, though the Greybeards and the dragons that will begin swarming him (which he'll swat away like flies) will prevent a few from reaching it. If they make it past the Greybeards shouts, they will either hit the far left side, smashing into the main building, the center (with a bit of a wider explosion than if it hit the left or right), of the far right.

At the final ten seconds a tiny figure can be seen clambering up onto Malus's head (you can decide whether it's Wander or a particularly badass Nord) and stabbing it, causing Malus to become preoccupied with getting it off rather than attacking the players.

There we go I think that's my... fifth stage idea?
GT: Dsurion21
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