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User Info: SparkyTh3Dog

4 years ago#11
I basically only use Sir Dan and for his level 1 I also like to play mind-games with people. For example if I have my level one i'll a combo to hit them up into the air using square square up square and see what their reaction is. If they go down immediately or try to dodge then i'll know next time to be prepared if i do that again that i'll miss my level 1 or i'll use it right after they dodge in the air to get a free kill.

For a level 2 super I like to use it a lot when people spam moves that go directly down (drake's giant ceiling of lame, nariko's down circle, etc) and use it right when they drop down like that or just try to time it exactly when i'm right under them as that is usually a free kill.

User Info: PhantomEmperor

4 years ago#12
Tc sir dan is godlike in the right hands trust me and judging from the op you aren't using his tools and supers in the best way possible.
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User Info: Kratos_Is_Bald

4 years ago#13
Thanks everyone for the advice.
I did not know that his Level 1 could be aimed.

Also, I do use the Level 2 when someone's doing a move above me, but that usually gets me only 1 kill. I'm normally greedy and I save up for Level 3.

Also, I don't think I'm at a level where I can do the combos you mentioned.

PhantomEmperor posted...
Tc sir dan is godlike in the right hands trust me and judging from the op you aren't using his tools and supers in the best way possible.

I'm probably not. That's why I asked for help.

User Info: SavageTrooper

4 years ago#14
Kratos_Is_Bald posted...
I've been playing a lot of Sir Dan lately. Reached 441 points just playing him online.

I feel like he's got some of the best normals and specials in the game. I get get to Level 3 just by using air d+square, air d+circle (flame carpet), and the boomerang. The boomerang in particular is amazing for starting combos.

However, ironically, he's got the worst supers in the game imo. What use are amazing special moves when you can't kill anyone with the AP you build up.

Level 1 - Possibly the hardest to hit level 1 in the game. No guaranteed hit confirm or reset. The only time I get kills using this is if I'm below them on a platform, or if my partner has them in a combo. I also use the up+triangle arrow stun -> level 1 reset sometimes but nowadays people don't air recover.

Level 2 - This is the one that made me make this thread. For the first 2-3 days, I was really happy with his Level 2, but now I'm just saddened by how easy it is to avoid. The individual orbs that track the opponent are easy enough to avoid (heck they don't even pass through platforms on some stages), but even if the opponent is above you on a platform, they can still roll through to avoid it.

Level 3 - The only super that gets me any kills. Unfortunately, it seems like the opponent can reset the death counter by rolling inside the circle. So if you need the opponent to stay inside the circle for 3 seconds, they can just roll to reset the counter to 3 seconds, rinse repeat.

Is Sir Dan really this bad or am I not doing something right? I might be making mistakes as I'm new. Give me some super setups if Dan has any. I feel like I'm staying alive and building AP a lot better than my former character (Heihachi) but I'm also getting less kills.

I have been playing dan since the beginning, and i will tell you that yes, dan is really just that bad. I believe he is the worst character in the game, people like to say jak, but i really think its dan. You can even tell dan is worse cuz its rare to even see dan being used while every other game i see a jak player. Bottom line is, you are not doing anything wrong, we are Juss playing as a terrible character :(
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