Drake's air down triangle...

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User Info: DB-RB

4 years ago#11
LightEcoSage posted...
DB-RB posted...
LightEcoSage posted...
McFordmanson posted...
Destroying mines and making people flinch.

Exactly good for destroying traps. People need to understand when characters have very strong moves other moves need to be weak for balancing. The air down triangle is great for traps like Slys bomb, Sweet Tooth bomb, Sackboy trap, etc. Im not trying to be rude, but people need to think from all perspectives before they post :/

his air down circle is better. works the same too.

But it makes him vulnerable and takes longer to recover from. It will make you lose time to gain AP from opponents. Did I not just say think before you answer :(

i thought, and it was a good answer. his air down triangle is garbage.
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User Info: rahmed51387

4 years ago#12
I can't tell you how many times his Air Uzi has saved me from falling in an enemy super (provided it hits them, of course.)

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