Sign here if you think Jak needs a moderate buff.

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User Info: LightEcoSage

4 years ago#41
Aceun posted...
Jak needs a slight buff to his level 2. Then they need to balance out his guns so it's not just the blaster that gives him AP. Or reduce the start up on the already useless mass invertor or increase the reach of his need lazer and reflexor beam.

You don't realize how pathetic Jak's guns are until you try to go shot for shot with Ratchet.

Some not so smart at all irrational people cannot understand this. Some people say Jak is perfect and fine. LMFAO! Denial!
"Jak, you are the Greatest of Heroes" ~Precursor Leader

User Info: Nightstryk3r619

4 years ago#42
*signs* His AP gain is ridiculously slow, and his level one could really use a bigger radius.
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User Info: SavageTrooper

4 years ago#43
yohvsnaruto posted...
SavageTrooper posted...

I think people like using jak because he has the best mobility (aside from kat) in the game, with a decent super lvl 1 and 3. If SSM want to buff dan it would have to be his supers. Thats why no one uses him. The only way to win is to kill people, so why play a character where its hard to do so because his supers are terrible. Sir Dans moveset is fine, it really is just his supers. Here's why.

His lvl 1. First of all there is no hit confirm into it. And you can't hit anyone directly in front of you. That already is very unappealing. The only character you can hit who is in front of you even while crouching is big daddy. So it has no AOE type of effect and they must be above you. Let's also add the fact that the super only stats out for a quick half a second, so 1 tap of a air dodge will dodge it.

His lvl 2. It is just bad compared to other lvl 2 supers. Extremely easy to dodge. Just stand wait for orb to come to you, dodge roll, orb hits floor, it disappears. It seems they increased the speed in the patch but its not enough. People still avoid it easily. It needs to have better tracking, takes a while for it to turn around if it misses someone. I don't understand what's the point of having 10 orbs come out if only 2 (2v2) will actually home on people. Why can't all 10 home on people? They don't mind letting kat do that, so it doesn't make sense. I just feel if i can't control the super like raidens lvl 2, then it should be a higher chance of success when the super is activated.

His lvl 3. My god is it terrible. Most characters get about 4 kills in a 2v2 match. Good luck doing that with dan. Depending on the map, you will only get 2. Most of the time you can get 3. So its not really even worth going for his lvl 3. Here's why its bad if you never played dan. Let's see, the super lasts about 15 seconds. With this super, it takes time to kill someone, plus the time for them to respawn, then hold them in the bubble and takes time to kill them again. But if they for a split second get out of the bubble, it resets the kill time that they need to stay in the bubble to die. And add when they are outside the bubble, they have full control of their character, dan doesn't even speed up, wtf. He is still slow even during his lvl 3. Most other lvl 3 at least either get a speed up, projectiles, or enemies lose control of their characters.

Sure sounds like a lot of crying when you know his lvl 1 kills anyone in a corner teched up or down.
And up square then get under them while in stun then lvl 2
But I can agree his lvl 3 sucks and should only be used in a 1v1 or if someone is stupid enough to go in a certain direction.
By the way you sound like a crappy Sir Dan player.

Nope thats where your wrong, i'm not one to gloat, but i'm a damn good dan player. If you even play dan, which it doesn't sound like you do, you know his lvl 1 doesn't hit if opponent air techs down and holds down unless they are big daddy even in a corner. His lvl 2 on a wall is only situational and must be on a wall for it to work, still not worth only getting 1 kill every lvl 2 since its so easy to dodge. It just sounds to me you play against really crappy players and base your experience from that. Jeez sometimes i fell like people just want certain characters to stay bad.

User Info: Q_Blah

4 years ago#44
Yep, signs

User Info: ButaSama

4 years ago#45

Seems SSM/SB is listening considering Jak got a very minor buff in the last update. Still a long way to go though.

User Info: TheOmegaShen

4 years ago#46
SavageTrooper posted...
Dan needs a buff before anyone else on the roster, so sorry i can't sign.
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  3. Sign here if you think Jak needs a moderate buff.

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