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User Info: ArcRay20

4 years ago#1
Dsurions_Wrath inspired me with how well he put together his moveset
ideas with all those characters so im taking a whack at it for myself.

Alex Mercer (aka "Zeus" as a virus codename) - [PROTOTYPE]

Default Costume- Alexander J. Mercer
Alt Costume- Heller's Outfit
Alt 2- James Heller (changes model of powers to match Heller's versions from [PROTOTYPE]2)

Square attacks-

Neutral- a basic 3 hit punch combo with 4th kick with knockback. Air version is the same thing but the last hit is a double-hand over head smash that sends them straight into the ground.

Side- Palm Slam- thrusts both open palms forward a short distance with hard knockback. Air version is instead Flying Kick which is a dive kick with added Flying Kick Launcher possible if the first kick makes contact and the button is pressed again. if the button is held when Flying Kick makes contact in will become Body Surf in which Alex rides the opponent on along the ground for a distance before kicking them away. (will hit others in the path of the body surf)

Down- Ground Shatter- slams the ground with both fists causing a small shockwave. chargeable for bigger wave/damage with added knockback. Air version is a similar move called Dive Bomb sending Alex to the ground faster than Jak's dive bomb, is chargeable for bigger wave/damage with added knockback. (charging delays falling)

Up- strong uppercut that sends opponent into the air, if held takes you up with them and does more hits on the way up. similar to Dante's move...but with more hits on the way up, you can air combo after. Air version is instead Power Bomb which Alex "grabs" at an upward angle a short distance. (think like Capt.Falcon's up special) if the "grab" makes contact Alex slams the opponent into the ground. it can hit other opponents on the ground if they are in the area of attack. this move also ground bounces giving the chance to do the move again right after, but doing so will cause an immediate AP burst after the end of the move. immediate AP burst will also happen if you perform the Power Bomb again in the same combo, so no infinites AT ALL!

Triangle attacks-

Neutral- Blade Power- quickly transforms right arm into large biomass Blade and performs a multi-input of slashes finishing with Sprint Frenzy which is 3 quick slashes while running forward leaving the opponent in a crumple state with Alex behind them. (Alex's cooldown from the full combo keeps him from comboing off of this) Air version is Air Slice which uses the Blade to drop down on the opponent and leaves them in a crumple state. (same thing, cant combo off this due to cooldown)

Side- Claws Power- quickly transforms arms into biomass Claws and performs a Dashing Slice forward and it will hit anybody in the attack range. multiple presses adds 2 more back-to-back Dashing Slices. Air version is just a quick auto combo of close range claw slashes.

Down- Hammerfist Power- quickly transforms arms into heavy biomass and does the move Smackdown where he lightly slams his arm behind himself to then brings it over his head to slam on the ground in from of himself (slow move. both parts of the attack have a small shockwave, first part stumbles opponents if it hits which guarantees the 2nd hit). Air version does an Elbow Slam into the ground with the Hammerfist Power which causes a shockwave.

Up- Cannonball- quickly jumps a short hop up and flies forward rolled up in a ball. Air version is quicker and at a downward angle.
Always remember: For every five minutes, you waste an hour.
-Arc Ray

User Info: ArcRay20

4 years ago#2
Part 2

Circle attacks-

Neutral- Shield Power- quickly creates a sheild out of hardened biomass on his left arm. a cross between Sir Dan's sheild summon and Drake's wall. you can move with it, it blocks all attacks/projectiles with no AP gain to the opponent, it breaks after many hits just like Sir Dan's. the best part is Drake's barrell and its explosion wouldnt count as a "hit" as it would bounce off the sheild like a wall. (like Drake's wall)

Side- Whipfist Power- quickly transforms right arm into whip-like biomass. repeated presses allows for a long range combo with the whip arm. Air version can pull in opponents for comboing like Parappa's mic, but with Kratos homing chains. (would have the same homing limits as patched Kratos.)

Down- Musclemass Power- quickly transforms arms to be stronger, making all Square attacks deal more damage with a LOT of knockback for a short time. short charge-up animation. (like Heihachi's power charge, but without having to charge it up and only half the power. no combos cuz if you hit someone while powered at all they'll go flying like crazy!) *note: using any non-square attack immediatley cancels the power-up.

Up- Mini Groundspike Graveyard- toned down version of Alex's devastator attack. works similar to Nariko's down-circle with an animation just as long and causes crumple state. charges with up with biomass and slams his fists to the ground causing a small group of large spikes to shoot up from the ground a foot away on either side of himself. Air version has the spikes appear right next to Alex.


Level 1- Critical Pain- charges up biomass and releases it in a solid straight short burst that lasts a for little bit before it retracks back into Alex. goes about the distance of Toro's level 1 and aims for the closest target. (it could easily miss like most level 1s and it CANT aim straight down or straight up)

Level 2- Tendril Barrage- charges up biomass and unleashes a barrage of tendrils in all directions for a bit before it retracks back into Alex. like Evil Cole's level 2, but lasts for half the amount of time and has the same size of attack dome as Jak's level 2.

Level 3- Armor Power-
charges up a lot of biomass and transforms his body into ultra dense armor.

Level 3 Attacks -

Square- Ram attack- rushes forward a good distance. upon hitting an opponent they will be sent flying and die when they hit a wall or if they dont, due to certain stages, they will just explode after a little. the opponent sent flying can kill others if they make contact.

Triangle- Power Throw- makes a short quick lunging grab for the nearest opponent, will even jump up or fall through platforms to get the them, and quickly Power Throw them at the closest opponent or, if none others are present, into the closest wall to explode.

Circle- Groundspike Graveyard- the full version of the attack. when activated will slam both fists to the ground and cause large spikes to shoot up from all along the ground on either side of himself. using this will immediatly end the super. (its like Good Cole's level 2, but on both sides, slower and just as the spikes appear from Alex they will start to recede. this will make those spikes safe to land on as they wont hurt you.)

Lvl 3 Theme-
Always remember: For every five minutes, you waste an hour.
-Arc Ray

User Info: ArcRay20

4 years ago#3
Part 3

Alex's throws-

Side- grabs their head with both hands and knees them in the face hard. knocks the opponent away.

Up- pulls them, by the neck, over himself in an arc slamming them into the ground head first. this move will leave Mercer facing the opposite way from when he started. groundbounces opponent just like Heihaci's powerbomb.

Down- throws them to the ground by the neck and does a heavy stomp on the putting them in a flattened state.

Idle animation- cups hands around mouth and coughs (i still find this funny that he did that in his game, its like hes catching a cold. a LIVING VIRUS getting sick lol. he doesnt even have organs technically)


- Dropping In- Mercer falls from the sky and hits the ground with a shockwave, then slowly stands from his kneeled position as the dust clears, looking into the camera with a serious face.

- Swiss Army Virus- Mercer just standing there looking at his right arm as moves it and he changes it to Whip Power, Musclemass while tightening his fist, then stopping on Blade Power while getting into a fighting stance as he turns to the camera.

- Incognito- A BlackWatch soldier walks onscreen looking around suspiciously, then he morphs to show that it was Mercer in disguise.

- Living Virus- Mercer with his back to the screen saying,"You don't want to mess with a monster like me..." while looking down at his hands, then turns around to face the camera while his arms change into his Claws Power.


- Up and Away- Mercer scoffs takes 2 quick steps to the right and jumps offscreen.

- Too Easy- Mercer, with Blade Power, turns his back to the camera as his arm morphs back to normal

- Low Profile- Mercer turns back into a BlackWatch soldier and walks off.

- Consumption- Mercer flexes while a biomass effect goes over him. (implying consumed/absorbed the opponent(s))

Outro losses-

- Stumbles back falling to one knee while gripping his shoulder.

- Punches the ground in anger.

- Show his Sheild Power break, making Mercer stumble.

- Just shrugs in defeat.

Results Screen Poses-

Win- Mimicking his original box cover pose.

Lose- On one knee, gripping his shoulder in pain.

Victory Theme-

Victory 1-
Victory 2-

i imagine Alex being a bit mobile, with th ability to super jump and the ability to glide and being able to run up walls a bit faster than Raiden's wall run animation.

joke Level 1 super idea!
Patsy- Alex morphs into a BlackWatch soldier while grabbing the nearest opponent in a tussle and breaks away pointing at them yelling "Its him!". any other opponents will forcibly attack and kill them.
if its 1v1 its a useless super. cuz you cant implicate yourself with their death.
Always remember: For every five minutes, you waste an hour.
-Arc Ray

User Info: Aldaris87

4 years ago#4
This is pretty cool. I would be so happy if they announced Alex Mercer for DLC though it would be unlikely.
"One can only match move by move the machinations of fate and thus defy the tyrannous stars." - Kain
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User Info: NDgamer1122

4 years ago#5
May as well drop mine in here:

Yours is pretty good. Covers a lot of ground. Makes him seem a bit OP, though, but I'm sure that's the point since he's Alex f***ing Mercer.
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User Info: ArcRay20

4 years ago#6
i can see how he would be OP, but that would be something to give Kratos a run for his money >:3

i was considering the idea for ALL the face button moves to be chargeable since it was like that in Mercer's game. but i think enough characters have the whole "character's unique gameplay mechanics implemented into a fighting game".

looking at what i came up with, hes a real "get off me" character since a lot of his moves end up knocking everyone away...and in an ironic twist i realize that i pretty much implemented his gameplay mechanic of being strong enough to be knocking everybody around like a ragdoll.
Always remember: For every five minutes, you waste an hour.
-Arc Ray

User Info: Rainbowsaurus

4 years ago#7
I'd love for Alex to be in this. I'd even settle with James. I just love Prototype so much, and there's so much potential to be had with movesets. Good job.

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