Personal belt progress vs. people on your friend list

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User Info: EOTS11

4 years ago#1
So I recently glanced at my friend list and couldn't help but wonder whether there was something off about a seemingly disproportionate spread between my belt rank and match record in comparison to the person who's one below me on my list.

I recently just climbed over to Brown with about 50 firsts and 40 second place finishes, while the person below me on my list is a low purple with 75 first and about 30 seconds; we both have approximately the same amount of 3rd and 4ths.

I realize that belt progression is technically based on a net positive gain in points earned from kills, with more points awarded with kills vs. higher ranked players (read the official breakdown on points gained/lost depending on who you kill/get killed by on some site a while back; don't have the link bookmarked), such that if one's gain consistently exceeds those lost from deaths, one keeps climbing belt ranks. However, I find it a little hard to imagine that I'm either: a.) randomly fighting more high level opponents in comparison to other people on my friend list or b.) netting so many excess kills per match and/or dying much less such that I've progressed further belt-wise in spite of a lower 1st place : 2nd place finish record.

Just wondering if anyone else is in a similar spot.
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User Info: Crabhammar

4 years ago#2
lol belts
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User Info: redskinsrock26

4 years ago#3
Rage quitting can drop you belt points but will not add to your losses. Could be the reason.
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User Info: TheMickey

4 years ago#4
One possibility is a difference in initial placement. After the original starter matches that give you your first belt you may have been placed as a much higher belt than your friend. Then with the same record you would hav just been higher overall. It's possible or example that even though his overall record is the same as yours, he may have come in 4th for all of his placement matches and had to start way down at a yellow belt or so.

I've noticed similar things though, you're not the only one. I generally cap out at a red belt but I've noticed even black belts with similar or even much worse records than my own. I remember last season in fact seeing a black belt player with less than 20 total matches played.

The belt system itself seems to be flawed on several ways. I wish they'd revise it a bit
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