The Heavy moveset (Team Fortress 2)

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User Info: DrHamTheDog

4 years ago#11
sonicgx101 posted...
DrHamTheDog posted...
Dissapointed the sandvich isn't in his moveset :( maybe he eats it and get free ap or something.

Heavy will eat the sandvich in his intro or outro :D

:D best outro man. if tf2 charaters were in this i know a few of my friends would go out of their way just to buy a ps3 jsut to get this game and play as them :p.

User Info: sonicgx101

4 years ago#12
Select quotes

"Everyone ready?"

"Let us begin!"

"Let's go!"


Heavy weapons - Heavy turns around with his mini gun spinning

Ready for the ring - Heavy does some practice uppercuts while a bell rings (Taunt from Team Fortress 2)

We fight like men - Heavy cracks both his knuckles, puts up his fist and says "We fight like men"

I am coming for you - Heavy points and pretends to slit his throat


Job well done - Heavy dust both his hands

King of the ring - Heavy flexes

Delicious sandvich - Heavy eats his sandvich

The gang is all here - All of the classes of Team Fortress 2 appear behind Heavy as they do a pose like the link shown
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User Info: DrHamTheDog

4 years ago#13
One of his his outros for when he loses or as a taunt should be him screaming for medic.

User Info: MegaWentEvil

4 years ago#14
Nice, but Heavy isn't a character, he's an unit.
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