selling this game today, here are my final levels

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User Info: Retroxgamer0

4 years ago#1
sly cooper 999
nathan drake 999
ratchet 999
raiden 999
sackboy 999
kat 800
dante 666 (lol did it as a joke)
kratos 614 (hate on him all you want cause gow3>this game)
nariko 606 (she sucks but shes fun to play as, too bad devs dont care to balance the game)
jak 597 (ill get him to 600 right now as some sort of send off, then i can say i got at least 10 char to 600+ yes i am that hardcore ;D)
spike 538
evil cole 521
cole 464
emmett graves 401 (they couldve done a better job tbh)
heihachi 368
radec 325
sweet tooth 321
toro 295
parappa 238
fat princess 165 (nobody played fat princess)
sir daniel 134 (i never played medieval)
big daddy 120 (yes unfortunately i didnt like bioshock)

anyways i enjoyed the game a lot but now that its selling 25 dollars to gamestop, and the games pretty stale and going nowhere, and they never balance it out and give it almost no support but are so quick to sell more minions and costumes, i see no reason to continue with this game, maybe the sequel will be better, but hopefully some others will jump onboard, 25 is damn good right now, and i def got my moneys worth..but the whole super system didnt really last. its a nice gimmick but they just didnt give this game the love and attention it should have gotten, plus some big games are sequeled and coming, along with the ps4..i cant be excited for ps battle anymore.

now is the perfect time to sell it, the original developers are gone, the game never gets updated, and theyre just now starting to try to zap people for good amounts of paid dlc, in a game that they dont ever balance or bother with, theyre just going to soak people until the servers die off now.


4 years ago#2
Wrong board again?

PSN: Adelflame
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  3. selling this game today, here are my final levels

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