What do you think Dante's DLC costume will be?

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  3. What do you think Dante's DLC costume will be?

User Info: OhSoSly

4 years ago#1
Pantless Dante?

User Info: NDgamer1122

4 years ago#2
Pizza dick Dante

But no really, if there is one, I'm willing to bet it'll actually be his DMC3 costume that's DLC for DmC. (Too many damn D and Cs)

Capcom has to know it will sell. They already know DmC flopped. They should just salvage what they can and move on.
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User Info: christiankid7

4 years ago#3
I wish it was something like Sparda, DMC1 Coatless or DMC4 Dante

But it'll be DMC3 or Neo Dante
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User Info: An_Unkind_RGN

4 years ago#4
NDgamer1122 posted...
Pizza dick Dante

This. Dante's costume layout is pretty much a strip tease.

Time to go all out now...
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User Info: Crabhammar

4 years ago#5
Nothing because third-parties ain't getting no costumes.
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User Info: nkj_unlimited

4 years ago#6
Pizza dick Dante is best Dante.

Alternate colors change the toppings on the pizza.

User Info: stevenbob

4 years ago#7
Neo Dante since it was the planned DLC?
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User Info: DrunkenMegaman

4 years ago#8
New Vergil, I believe.
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User Info: BkzUzi

4 years ago#9
Neo Dante

User Info: GamepocketX

4 years ago#10
BkzUzi posted...
Neo Dante

ok im a dante player and this almost made me throw up a little :( did you see how accurate those shoes look :( and its much worse than you think, I OWN THEM!!!
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  3. What do you think Dante's DLC costume will be?

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