Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy 7) Moveset

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User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#1
I rivaled ol' Cloud here with my Sasha moveset and didn't have one or him, so I figured I may as well make him a moveset.

Default- His FF7 appearance.
Alt 1- Advent Children appearance. (has Advent Children Fusion Sword)
Alt 2- Kingdom Hearts appearance. (Has wrapped Buster Sword)
Alt 3- Crisis Core appearance. (Has Buster Sword)

Cloud is an all around styled character, not too fast, and not too slow with a good mix of close range and medium range attacks. His circle attacks are incredibly powerful, yet are also slow leaving him open, or require a good amount of time to charge them.

Special Mobility- Cloud can run up walls similar to Raiden, and can jump off of htem to get a boost upwards.


Neutral- Double Cut- Cloud does a two hit combo, sending enemies flying with the final hit. Air version does a two hit strike tumbling enemies. Has a good forward momentum on both.

Side- Climhazard- Cloud does a stabbing charge forward. If he hits an enemy he will an uppercut ,carrying enemies up with him, then he will do a dropping downward slash sending enemies flying. Air version the downward slash will keep dropping till he reaches the ground.

Down- Low Strike- Cloud does a spinning sweep kick that pops enemies up. Air version he does a spinning slash similar to Kat's air neutral triangle without the movement, time, or floatyness.

Up- Rising Fang- Cloud does an uppercutting slash that sends enemies straight up. Air version Cloud lunges upwards a short distance. If he hits an enemy he will swirl around them doing rapid strikes before sending them straight back down.


Neutral- Thundra- Cloud tenses his arm then casts a bolt of electricity which goes forward a medium distance. If it hits an enemy that's not blocking it will become a sphere of electricity that flinches enemies several times before stopping. Good for annoyance. Can be charged to become stronger, changing the flurry of small bolts into a powerful thunderbolt called down from the top of the screen and end at whoever was hit (will be held in place by a shock effect, thunderbolt comes in soon after)

Side- Biora- Cloud casts a short range green orb. If this hits enemies it poisons them, giving Cloud small bits of AP. Doesn't cause flinch.

Down- Blizzara- Cloud casts Blizzara, creating ice spikes that jutt out either side at his feet that butt drop enemies (or flinch in the air). Can be charged to become a small shockwave of frost around him that freezes enemies. In the air the no charge attack he casts three shards of ice in a fan spread.

Up- Fira- Cloud casts a bolt of fire upward at an angle at a medium distance. If it hits an enemy it explodes in a firey burst knocking them away.


Neutral- Blade Beam- Cloud fires a beam of energy forwards. It's range, speed, and strength are based on how much charge he has put into it. Depending on how long you hold it, it will go from short, to mid, to long range, gaining speed and power with each tier. Charge isn't held.

Side- Cross Slash- Cloud does a heavy hitting three combo strike. Final hit sends enemies flying. Is slow but incredibly powerful, best used when enemies are unaware. Slow start up, and long recovery even after finishing leaving him open.

Down- Meteorain- Cloud summons several meteors above him then hops upward sending them down directly at where he was standing, creating explosions that will send enemies flying. Slow start up, but powerful. Air version the meteors go all the way down to the ground, but takes longer than the ground version.

Up- Limit Charge- Cloud takes a stance and a small bar appears above his head, steadily charging as circle is held. If it reaches the top, his next attack gains double the AP. Doesn't hold charge if interrupted or ended early.
"Pray not to have easier lives, but pray to be stronger men."- President John F. Kennedy.
GT: Dsurion21

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#2

Side- Cloud hits the enemy away with a home run swing with the Buster Sword.

Down- Punches the enemy, does a small spin building momentum, then slams the enemy down with his sword (flattens).

Up- Cloud uses Finishing Touch (creates a tornado), creating a vortex in front of him that spins the enemy around then flings them upwards.


Level 1- Braver- Cloud does a lunging vertical slash, his weapon covered in a blue light. If he hits an enemy mid lunge he immediately does the vertical slash.

Level 2- Omnislash- Cloud does his animation for triggering Omnislash in FF7 (points his weapon upwards, with a hand on the blunt side of the blade), creating a sphere of energy around him about the size of Evil Cole's level 2. If any enemies are hit, they are dragged directly above him along with any other enemies hit. Cloud will suddenly leap upwards and begins rapidly doing moving slashes 14 times (going through them at multiple angles) before finally appearing back in front of them and finishes with a mighty downward slash that takes him back to the ground killing them. If anyone who was not hit by the initial sphere is caught in his onslaught or the downward slash when he finishes, they will be killed. And not to worry, the 14 slashes don't go very far from around the enemies caught. If it misses he simply sighs. Can be killed mid onslaught or have the enemies captured be killed by other players.

Level 3- Ultima Weapon- Cloud stabs the Buster Sword (or whatever he's wielding) into the ground, and walks up to the Ultima Weapon which is lying on an altar nearby. He picks up the weapon and takes a fighting stance. In super he gains a significant speed boost, and his circle attacks are removed, but he keeps his triangle and square attacks.
Triangle attacks that require a charge no longer need to be charged to reach their max forms. Changes to them-

Square attacks now kill. Climhazard is now changed to work like his level 1.

Triangle attack changes-

Neutral triangle now is only the mighty thunderbolt if it hits an enemy, killing them instantly.

Side triangle now slows enemies.

Down is now only the frostwave freezing enemies it hits so they can be finished off.

Up is pretty much the same but kills.

Level 3 theme-


Let's Mosey!- Cloud takes an impatient stance and says "Let's mosey!"

Living Legacy- Cloud stabs his sword in the ground and yells "I am his living legacy!"

I'm not alone!- Cloud takes a heroic pose and randomly one of a few of his party members will appear and say a line (except Cait Sith. Becaue screw Cait Sith.)

Victory theme 1-
Victory theme 2- (0:44 to 0:55)

I'll come up with intros, outros, and kill/killed lines later.
"Pray not to have easier lives, but pray to be stronger men."- President John F. Kennedy.
GT: Dsurion21

User Info: SionHiryu707

4 years ago#3
when put like this he'd fit in pretty well.
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User Info: boy_luck

4 years ago#4
Awesome moveset, except for the lvl2, which seems pretty crappy, imo.

Also, Cait Sith rocks!
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User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#5
boy_luck posted...
Awesome moveset, except for the lvl2, which seems pretty crappy, imo.

Also, Cait Sith rocks!

Eh the way I imagined it is it's a quick sphere that appears in the style of evil cole, then he does the bunch of hits fast and I mean FAST, before dropping down. Enough range to get enemies, and can catch them if they manage to get under you or get knocked into you during the attack.
"Pray not to have easier lives, but pray to be stronger men."- President John F. Kennedy.
GT: Dsurion21

User Info: digitalwill2000

4 years ago#6
Terrible, plz just stop and opena tumblr no one will read or something
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User Info: moglimoogle

4 years ago#7
I want this...heres my money and my first born...
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User Info: Nightstryk3r619

4 years ago#8
Success! Although, I still want Sephiroth more.
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User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#9
Nightstryk3r619 posted...
Success! Although, I still want Sephiroth more.

Indeed, he turned out a lot better than I thought he would lol. And shockingly enough he feels less OP than my Sephiroth moveset despite being faster xD How's the Ash Williams moveset coming along?
"Pray not to have easier lives, but pray to be stronger men."- President John F. Kennedy.
GT: Dsurion21

User Info: Terrapon

4 years ago#10
You are the best as making movesets! (make Sora next plz! :D) Oh and ignore what digitalwill said. Everyone loves it!
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