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User Info: jimboo87

4 years ago#1
Activision puts in coco bandikoot (his sister) insteed of crash!

User Info: McFordmanson

4 years ago#2
Wake up.
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User Info: jimboo87

4 years ago#3
McFordmanson posted...
Wake up.

Go to sleep

User Info: diebuster2

4 years ago#4
Only if it's Crash as a Transsexual.
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2. DLC exploitation, 3. Online passes, 4. Micro-transactions.

User Info: moglimoogle

4 years ago#5
diebuster2 posted...
Only if it's Crash as a Transsexual.

Can Eddie Izzard do his voice?!?!
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User Info: NDgamer1122

4 years ago#6
From: McFordmanson | #002
Wake up.

Grab a brush and put a little make up
Every patch for PlayStation All-Stars seems to fix one thing and break another.
It's like fixing the windshield of a car, and then the tires pop off.

User Info: wwinterj25

4 years ago#7
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User Info: LightEcoSage

4 years ago#8
jimboo87 posted...
Activision puts in coco bandikoot (his sister) insteed of crash!

Would have no problem with that at all. Then they could put Cynder instead of Spyro lol!
Y'all are blocked. Y'all know who y'all are. Don't reply to me like I can actually see what you're saying and that you are winning some type of argument.

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