Do you take Kratos and Raiden players seriously?

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  3. Do you take Kratos and Raiden players seriously?

User Info: DireProphecy

4 years ago#21
no they are all bad because they use no-skill cheap characters. they are bad and noob even when they win. not like us pro drake and evil cole players we use skill to win.
Drakes Moveset limits him on what he can do. Barrel, AK, slide and hit. He doesn't have much to vary his arsenal. - blazin640

User Info: habbox77

4 years ago#22
Kratos : No, even if they are the best Kratos player in the world and actually utilize all his moves I still see them as people who originally used Kratos as a means to winning and are just trying not to look like a spammer (I call it justified exploiting)

Raiden: AS long as they aren't just jumping everywhere hoping to land an attack from the air or using the same combo over and over again I can give them a chance although I still don't like the obvious spammers.
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User Info: AceJay

4 years ago#23
Nope, not even if they're good at their character.

I respect anyone that isn't...

Sly,Drake,Raiden,E Cole, Kratos, & Kat.

User Info: ahoythere4

4 years ago#24
I was in a match with 3 Kratos. One was black belt, the others were blue and green. I honestly had no idea which one was the black belt once the match started.

User Info: Charizard18

4 years ago#25
Kratos, yes. Although very very rarely.

Raiden, no. Never. Never been impressed by one, never will be. As someone who tried using him and learned all his burst combos and tricks etc, it's all the same with him. He's so vanilla and boring. To fight and to use.
Who would win, Jedi Charizard or Jedi Jigglypuff?
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User Info: digitalwill2000

4 years ago#26
Even if they are 'skilled'? No, I can never take them seriously. Its not just that they are easy to use, its that they gain ap five times faster than any other character, even Haiheichi
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  3. Do you take Kratos and Raiden players seriously?

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