My dream roster

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User Info: Chairstood

4 years ago#1
What the roster could be like if Sony actually put money into this game:

Kratos vs Nariko
Jak vs Ratchet
Sweet Tooth vs Nathan Drake
Sly Cooper vs Spike
Parappa vs Toro
Sackboy vs Fat Princess
Good Cole vs Evil Cole
Sir Daniel vs Death
Heihachi vs Akuma
Dante vs Raiden
Radec vs Old Snake
Kat vs Emmett Graves
Crash vs Spyro
Cloud vs Dart
Rayman vs Tomba
Gex vs Ty
Raziel vs Alucard
Sora vs Wander
Lu Bu vs Rau Utu
Lara Croft vs John Marston

A roster count of 40 which would have been nice.
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User Info: blazin640

4 years ago#2
The lack of Journeyer concerns me deeply. NO SOUP FOR YOU.
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User Info: djmaster1994

4 years ago#3
Sora vs Wander makes no sense
Sora being in this game makes no sense
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User Info: InninXI

4 years ago#4
djmaster1994 posted...
Sora vs Wander makes no sense
Sora being in this game makes no sense

Sora makes no sense
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