Carlton Banks moveset.

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User Info: I_Wanna_Cookie

4 years ago#1
Default- Prep

Alt 1- His Idol, Macaulay Culkin

Alt 2- Peacock

Possible DLC alts

Duck floatie
(Sorry, no pictures, only video)



Neutral- Slap-backhand combo.

Side-Carlton floor slide
Although slightly faster. Medium AP gain. Can go through multiple opponents, but leaves him vulnerable along the way.

Down- Sissy kick. Very delicate, prissy looking low kick. Gives about 15 AP. Excitedly says "TAKE THAT, MISTER"

Up- Short jump up to rapid slapping combo. Not powerful with very short range due to Carlton's height, but the rapid attacks can accumulate decent AP, and leads into combos.


Neutral- Golf Club swing. Not much knockback, but gives decent AP. Says "FOOORE"

Side- Sweater whip. Brings out his sweater from around his neck, and shoots it out in front of him like a whip. Quick move. Brings in decent AP. If wearing something other than default costume, he pulls it out of thin air, of course.

Down- Leaves a croissant on the floor. If an opponent steps on it, Uncle Phil comes out the side and charges to the opponent, knocking them sideways. The Big Guy then eats the croissant and disappears.

Up- Tennis racket overhand swing. Carlton hits a ball. Ball gives minimal flinching and AP gain, but the more powerful hit lies in the racket actually contacting the opponent. Good knockback.


Neutral- Carlton Dance. Gives small AP every time Carlton brings his arms up to one side. Slightly quick, but leaves Carlton vulnerable. Can be held. Sings all the way up to the first verse of "Its Not Unusual" by Tom Jones.

Side- Carlton yells "OHHH GEOFFREY". Geoffrey the butler then spawns and does a gentlemanly combination upon the opponent. He can be destroyed after a couple hits.

Down- Drops a few hundred dollar bills on the floor. Can be done in the air, but floats slowly down. If an enemy walks over it, they start to pick it up, leaving them distracted for a free hit for Carlton. Says "Hah, chump change" upon success.

Up- Throws a heavy Bel-Air prep textbook in an arc. Can be held for distance. Gives moderate AP gain.
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User Info: I_Wanna_Cookie

4 years ago#2
Throws- Uses his sweater as an extension to grab people. Think Link's Hookshot or Samus- Grapple Beam in Smash.

Side- Same as Will Smith's. Throws someone forward like they do to Jazz.

Down- Brings down opponent to the ground and ties his sweater around their neck and uses it to choke them out.

Up- Tosses his opponent overhead and slaps them silly in the air.


Level 1- Vocals- Carlton runs forward and sings a line from one of the many songs he sings in the show, killing anyone in his way.He then stops and stands, emphasizing his vocal ability. Can run through multiple opponents. The end leaves him slightly vulnerable.

Examples of possible songs:

Level 2- Vote for Phillip Banks- Carlton yells "HELP ME OUT, BIG GUY". Uncle Phil drops in from the sky and body slams onto the field. Can land on top of an enemy to kill, as well as the shockwave can kill. Goes almost across the map, but not quite. Shock wave can be jumped.

Level 3- Stumpy- Carlton is sick and tired of his family and friends calling him short. He yells "PARDON MY FRENCH, BUT I AM NOT A HAPPY CAMPER" and grows a foot or two taller, making him about equal height to the taller sized characters like ST and Kratos. The opponents then turn into his family and other acquaintances of the show, including Hilary, Uncle Phil, Will, Ashley, Jazz, and others. Carlton's attacks kill. Right before death, the opponents transform back, so you know who you killed.

Square is a charging running attack with a prissy barrage of smacks, similar to Luigi's dash attack in SSB.

Triangle throws a record. A Tom Jones record to be exact. Carlton HAS to be mad to do this.

Circle is an extended sweater whip. This time, its Uncle Phil's giant Princeton sweater that OHKO's.

Level 3 theme- Unfittingly, the "Its Not Unusual" instrumental.


Hahahaha- Stands there cockily and laughs like a preppy man.

Gloomy Gus- Carlton says "DONT BE SUCH A GLOOMY GUS" and smiles.

Carlton Dance- Signature dance featuring the music. No AP gain.


Check Out My Sweet Ride- Drives in in his fancy car. He then gets out and straightens his clothing.

Carlton Banks Here- Carlton Walks in with confidence and extends his hand to the camera. He introduces himself as "Banks. Carlton Banks."

Master William- Will is standing with Carlton. He calls him "Stumpy" and then runs away. Carlton looks at him for a second and then prepares for the fight.

What a Waste- Carlton says "Am I really wasting my time at this shindig?" As he looks around and smiles arrogantly. He is too rich to be hanging with the boys and girls of Playstation.


The Pack- Carlton is singing with Corn Flake and the rest of the gang from Bel-Air Prep.

Chump Change- Carlton drops money on his opponent(s) who is/are laying in front of him unconscious.

Tom Jones- Carlton dances excitedly with Tom Jones.

Comes Here You Big Lug- Carlton says "COME HERE YOU BIG LUG" and hugs Will.

Outro Loss-

Carlton wimpers.

Carlton yells like Macaulay Culkin.

Carlton sits there depressed with a Princeton letter in his hand. He didnt get in.

Will Smacks him in the back of the head.
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User Info: DeZA_UK

4 years ago#3
this sht is hilarious haha

User Info: GamepocketX

4 years ago#4
You sir a god among men in other worlds you would surely receive novel prizes and money and THE WOMEN!!! XD

but we live in reality and all i can say thats quite imaginative of you :D but nees more peggy hill lol

User Info: Nightstryk3r619

4 years ago#5
F****' amazing.
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User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#6
Ha. It's nice to see funny movesets xD And it's good he has the dance. He needed the dance.
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User Info: DX1900

4 years ago#7
I never, ever bother with pointless moveset topics.

That being said, this was glorious. I grew up watching Fresh Prince, and this is just perfect. The intros, outros, and outro losses are especially hilarious.

User Info: G-Scythe

4 years ago#8
lol wow
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User Info: I_Wanna_Cookie

4 years ago#9
Thug Life.
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User Info: AndKevinBacon

4 years ago#10
I approve of this.

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