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User Info: Shorydouken

4 years ago#1
You start off fighting on ruins of some kind. Suddenly, Hydrus (SotC) jumps out of the water and breaks it down, taking you with him. You are now fighting on Hydrus, who is essientally "Mushroom Kingdom" from SSBB as in the stage scrolls. Every now and then you will pass one of his spikes, which if touched, will shock you and make you lose some AP.

Eventually, he will dive into the water, again, taking you with him. It is pitch black for a couple seconds, only being able to see your bar and the "P..." symbol. But... what's that light? You finally dive deep enough to see... Rapture. Hydrus is now circleing Rapture.

But then, Big Daddies (Not Bouncers, of course) start jumping on him to attack you and Hydrus! They'll attack Hydrus, making him swerve, and making you try not to get flung off him.

I also had a Portal/Quantum Conundrum stage idea, but I can't find the topic it was in.
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