Isaac level one kill

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User Info: PyroSpark

4 years ago#11
KingkKitThe2nd posted...
Ah not circle triangle and good

And so...nice find. :D
rexator-"Make it a money match so that the winner gets to crap in the other's mouth." PSN: PyroSpark7

User Info: KingkKitThe2nd

4 years ago#12
Yea I knew it worked for the level 2 and yea you have to be more Accurate with the level 1

User Info: KingkKitThe2nd

4 years ago#13
Thanks :)

User Info: blaze19_0X

4 years ago#14
I've noticed the closer you are to the ground, the easier this is to do. Makes sense, as you land faster after doing forward triangle.

So yeah, be sure to be as close to the ground as possible when attempting this without actually touching the ground. It will maximize your liklihood of sucess.

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