Sly combos?

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User Info: RealSlyCooper

4 years ago#1
I main Sly but I can't find any other combos. I already know Down-Circle to triangle forward, Up-grab to (air) triangle-forward, Neutral circle to double square, And a lot of the other basics. Any other ones I'm missing?
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User Info: DrunkenMegaman

4 years ago#2
Up-square to square. Punishes a lot of stuff in the air, it's very advanced.
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User Info: tomandsam

4 years ago#3
dS (charged guard break), dS, uS-S
Or skip the first hit if you aren't looking for a guard break. This combo works really well as a tech chase, with a mine to stop them from rolling behind you, as it nearly guarantees them getting hit by the charged dS.
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