Toro's dive kick

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User Info: Heroicmedic92

4 years ago#1
..Should get the nerf reverted.

Either that or buff some of his other moves.

It lost its HC why scrape it even further o.O
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Done with Sly. Maybe... Sly/Kratos?

User Info: DryGuy84

4 years ago#2
I think he needs a buff on his u1(on the ground) and level 2 and he'll be fixed
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User Info: gamerk9-16

4 years ago#3
Heroicmedic92 posted...
..Should get the nerf reverted.

Either that or buff some of his other moves.

It lost its HC why scrape it even further o.O

Well if they revert it back people are just gonna complain and wine about the combo but what they could do is allow the first use of the dive kick to be normal speed but when you try to combo into it thats when it moves slow that way you can get the hit confirm for the lvl 1 its just a suggestion.
As buffs i wouldn't mind if they gave the dive kick a guard breaker charge or tweak toro's lvl 2
or give him the option to change the lvl 2 depending on what stance you are in^^.
And not being a noob but whats HC

User Info: Cockachino

4 years ago#4
Sorry sorry to say but Kratos is till a beast in this game even with the small nerf they gave to him. I fight pro kratos all the time and getting close can be extremely difficult especially when they know how to block. His moves come out way to fast and have so much priority its a joke really hes in this game.

As for Dante just dont get caught in his combo is all i can say. Its ground based so if its really troubling try mixing up and attacking from the air instead.

User Info: joydivisioncure

4 years ago#5
I am a Toro main and i still do decent with him. I think they either need to reinstate the dive kick to normal speed but not allow the long ap bursts from it. The main problem with Toro is that there is not much incentive to mix up his different forms. Ninja mode builds AP so quickly compared to the others. Balance his forms without nerfing him would be appealing to me. He is such a good character he just needs some tweaks. With things the way they are now i think his lvl 1 should launch him a bit quicker. I usually just use his lvl 2 star which is a decent but inconsistent special. I hate Toro's lvl 3.... It should be able to at least get 4 kills.

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