Spike midlife crisis.

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User Info: Myles98

4 years ago#11
R.I.P Spike, Toro, Nariko & Jak
May God be more merciful than SuperBot has.

User Info: PirateKing290

4 years ago#12
Don't worry, I'll never drop Spike because my second main is Ratchet so if needs be I'll just switch their order.

He just feels more clunky now, you know? He used to be so fluid. It also seems like you cant do consecutive monkey radar dashes.

And timing their land with level 2 is so hard though. They can still land and roll if they didn't use an attack on the way down :/

I feel like now Im just trying to raw use his level 1 cause I don't know... I just have no sense of direction with my Spike anymore. He's foreign to me.
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User Info: hyperknees91

4 years ago#13
They need to make it so spikes bannana's trip you and make you go flying.

That would make him pretty annoying in 2v2.
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