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Do you think that they will ever

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  3. Do you think that they will ever

User Info: ss4parrothair

4 years ago#1
Big Daddy
Uhhh... My dog ate my signature...
Official Laharl and Cid Highwind of the PSASBR Board

User Info: I_Wanna_Cookie

4 years ago#2
Dude I've been waiting SO LONG for them to ****ing finally get to
I'm handsome.

User Info: KingTumbleweed

4 years ago#3
Honey, I accidently Parappa.
Official Ferrothorn(Spaghetti) of Pokemon X/Y boards. Shadow Ferrothorn Admin of somewhere.
Certainly not a spy for any teams

User Info: Shorydouken

4 years ago#4
Guys, yesterday... I kinda, um... accidentally...Jak'd. yeh.
Not changing this sig 'till I beat Lucario's Jak once, and Crab's G.cole once. Also, yes, I am y_not_zoidy. I lost a bet to SkeletonSackboy.

User Info: Davidgrayman

4 years ago#5
You know it's funny you mention that because we all Zeus
The official Pepsimaaaaaaaaaaaaaan of the PSASBR board.
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  2. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
  3. Do you think that they will ever

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