something I will NEVER like about this game

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User Info: FelonySkate666

4 years ago#11
I really expected the OP to just say "the gameplay."
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User Info: PielordX

4 years ago#12
Bahamut_Shin posted...
aKimbodiac posted...
Make friends who are good, 2v2 people, it's not that difficult.

I am not talking about 2v2, this also is a problem in free for all.

I like to call them AP Farms.
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User Info: xSSBB64x

4 years ago#13
Bahamut_Shin posted...
is the fact that a bad player can make you lose any game.

in SSB a bad player will get his/herself killed, but in this game. A bad player is free AP to someone else (spammer, decent player, other noob), free AP that later will be used against you in a super, most likely a level 3.

and the worst, there is NOTHING you can do against it. if you try to grab someone to prevent a level 3, those noobs/idiots/scrubs will always get in your way and save the them somehow.

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User Info: Ragnoraok

4 years ago#14
KingTumbleweed posted...
BkzSlash posted...
KingTumbleweed posted...
This can happen in Smash as well, it's just less noticeable.


I could potentially keep going after a bad player and exploit them for points or coins. Nowhere was it stated we were only talking about Stock.

LOL, perfect strategy to point out the least important modes in SSB. Why not include home run contest as well? The fact is that in SSB and in this game, stock match is what is primarily played, but in PSAS a bad player will cause you to lose because of the asinine meter system.
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  3. something I will NEVER like about this game

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