Rivalries I don't get.

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User Info: boy_luck

4 years ago#11
All rivalries are pretty nonsensical, but the worst, BY FAR, is FP's and EC's. It simply makes absolutely no sense and it was terribly written, as well:

FP: You got cake?
EC: No, but let's beat the s*** out of each other for the lulz.
FP: Okay, cool.
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User Info: Eurashal

4 years ago#12
Chimcharwhoohoo posted...
Radec v Sir Daniel

Aren't they both Sony Cambridge properties? Or one of the UK Sony studios at least.
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User Info: NewCastlEmperor

4 years ago#13
From: Chimcharwhoohoo | #001
Zeus v Isaac

Zeus is a god; Isaac had conflicts with the religion of Unitology.

User Info: Jackalfox

4 years ago#14
NewCastlEmperor posted...
From: Chimcharwhoohoo | #001
Zeus v Isaac

Zeus is a god; Isaac had conflicts with the religion of Unitology.

Was gonna post this. Conflicts is a bit of an understatement, though. :P
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User Info: RoyalShine

4 years ago#15

Look up any character and it will tell you why they're rivals with whoever.
I.E. Nariko and Dante (the new one) are both made by Ninja Theory and are both outcasts and shunned by their people, I think.
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User Info: scorpionpwnsall

4 years ago#16
They should have made Kratos and Nariko rivals.

Everyone was looking forward to that.

Kratos vs New Dante can be but they were expecting Old Dante vs Kratos since after DMC's success, God of War was made and both of those series were compared a lot, both gameplay and characters.
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User Info: zombiabsol

4 years ago#17
Toro and heiachi make some kind of sense. Toro wants to become human right? And heiachi is a physical, buff fighter, seems pretty "typical" human to me. Its shady, but you get what I'm saying?

Sly and drakes makes the most sense imo.
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User Info: Rip3465

4 years ago#18
Radec vs Sir Dan: Heroic soldier of the past vs evil sodier of the future.
Zeus vs Issac: Arrogant god vs distrusting mortal.
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