The Murray moveset

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User Info: AndKevinBacon

4 years ago#1
Neutral: Basic 3-hit combo. Can also press triangle during it to perform the Elbo Drop'o
Forward: Shoulder Tackle
Up: Uppercut
Down: Fist Spin - Basically the same as Sly's cane spin.
Down (Air): Thunder Flop

Neutral: Temporal Lock - Murray slams his palms together. Pressing neutral triangle again causes a punch that briefly freezes the enemy.
Forward: Dukes of Dynamite - Performs an explosive punch that sends the enemy flying.
Up: Licks of Lightning - Performs an electric Shoryuken-esque attack.
Down: Cuffs of Confusion - Performs a punch that confuses the enemy.

Neutral: Fists of Flame - A counter. Murray slams his palms together and anyone who strikes him gets hit by a fiery punch.
Forward: Clothesline - Charges forward and causes a knockdown.
Up: Aboriginal Ball Form - Murray rolls up into a ball. idk what it'd do exactly but c'mon it'd be cool.
Down: Guttural Roar - Murray lets out a fearsome roar that stuns anyone a short distance in front of him. The roar is so fierce it even scares away projectiles (i.e. functions as a projectile deflector).

Grab: Stomps down. Like Kat, it gets people on both sides of him, but it has a shorter reach and in exchange is less punishable on whiff.
Forward: Juggernaut Throw - Throws the enemy forward.
Up: Holds the enemy above his head and shakes them for AP balls (as if shaking them for loot).
Down: Diablo Fire Slam - Slams the enemy down right in front him.

Super 1: The Guru hops out in an arc similar to Little Sister. Once landing on an enemy, the Guru possess them and makes them run to their deaths, possibly hitting other enemies.

Super 2: Berserker Charge - Murray charges forward in a spice-induced rage. Basically, Dante's level 2.

Super 3: Murray hops in the Cooper Van.
Square - Murray uses the bumper upgrade to send enemies flying.
Triangle - Panda King fires from the turret on top of the Van. Works like Sweet Bot's machine gun.
Circle - The Van uses nitro to boost and run over enemies.
Music -

Victory Music 1 - The music that plays when Murray finds a key in Sly 1.
Victory Music 2 - The music that plays when Murray completes a job in Sly 4.

Rank 10 Costume: The Guru's Student -
DLC Costume: Madame Geisha -

User Info: BkzSlash

4 years ago#2
Glad I could help!
Screen Clear Taunt.

User Info: Nightstryk3r619

4 years ago#3
Who needs other victory themes? Because The Murray only hears the Triumphant Horn Section of his own Triumph!!!
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User Info: taoxadasa

4 years ago#4
This is awesome, he should be playable in the sequel for sure.
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User Info: Nightstryk3r619

4 years ago#5
Your ball form can probably be used to combo as an anti air attack, or get Murray higher for a more effective Thunder Flop.
PSN: MistahRattlehead
PSASBR needs a Legend of Dragoon rep. Make it happen, SSM.

User Info: AndKevinBacon

4 years ago#6
Here's my attempt at Bentley:

Neutral: Spin
Forward: Explosive Darts - Basic mid-range pew pew
Up: Upward Explosive Darts
Down: Adrenaline Burst - Charges forward.
Down (air): Scorching Hover Pack - Shoots flames downward.

Neutral: Timed bomb
Forward: Sleep Darts
Up: Shock Darts - lol clone of Jak and Sir Dan
Down: Confusion Bomb - Timed bomb that messes up controls

Neutral: Trigger Bomb - Throws a bomb that can be manually triggered.
Forward: RC Car
Up: RC Chopper
Down: Grapple-Cam - Works like Kat's down circle

Down: Fishing Pole - Extracts AP from the enemy using a magnet, then slams them down.
Up: Health Extractor - The enemy is sucked into a trap and then spat out along with AP.
Forward: Shrink Destabilizer - Shrinks the enemy and then spins them, sending them flying.

Super 1: Penelope's RC Chopper grapples the enemy and then flings them. Basically Sweet Tooth's level 1.

Super 2: Alter Ego - Bentley transforms into this:
and can fly around and shoot people for a bit.

Super 3: We see from the perspective of Bentley's Binocucom. The enemies are taunting Bentley inside that trippy energy place featured in most level 3s. Bentley shoots darts at them which makes them fall asleep, while spouting technobabble about how he's going to hack into their minds.

The screen then changes to a hacking minigame. Bentley controls his Shell Tank Avatar and has to shoot at his enemies, who are all wireframe-y.

Music -

Victory Music 1 - Bentley's job complete music from Sly 4.
Victory Music 2 - The hack complete music from Sly 4.

Taunt - Awkwardly sings opera music

Rank 10 Costume - ACES Disguise (
DLC Costume - Bartender Disguise

User Info: Nightstryk3r619

4 years ago#7
Dat Bentley level 3.....
PSN: MistahRattlehead
PSASBR needs a Legend of Dragoon rep. Make it happen, SSM.

User Info: G-Scythe

4 years ago#8
nice job!
I was thinking of doing a Murray one myself but you beat me to it
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