So many Kratos......

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User Info: jacks_wasd_life

4 years ago#21
I'd like to say that as Gcole, a noob dante is MUCH easier to play against than a noob kratos. everyone who's ever played this game knows every one of kratos' moves, and spamming his almost block safe sq sq sq combo or his AP burst combo isn't hard. It's like the difference between good cole and drake. even if the drake sucks all his moves are still going to be annoying as hell.

User Info: Doom_J

4 years ago#22
Just so you guys know, I was saying a GOOD dante is worse to me than a GOOD Kratos or Raiden, but I should have been clear on that, so my bad.
Link versus Cloud 4 years ago#23
Doom_J posted...
Just so you guys know, I was saying a GOOD dante is worse to me than a GOOD Kratos or Raiden, but I should have been clear on that, so my bad.

I thought this point should have been obvious to everyone.

Dante takes a lot of skill to play. I mean A LOT. If you find a good Dante then he practiced for a very long time. One of 2 of my mains are Dante and he rewards you very well for being good and practicing a lot. Dante is TRASH if you don't know how to use him.

sorry but Dante is not noob friendly unlike Raiden and Kratos.

Dante's HC needs a good amount of skill and he can not approach to the enemy as easily. Dante AP again is quite low if you can not pull a good combo, try to make a air combo with him is hard unlike raiden (square x 5 = 70 AP) .

I fail to understand the point of these two posts.

Why are we concerning ourselves with noob players? If its 1v1 you should be able to handle everything they do and beat them. If its 2v2 and you have a good partner it should likewise be the same. If you did randumb that was your own fault. If you are playing FFA for any reason other than to dick around for fun then lol @ you.

Who takes skill and who does not is not the point. Mine (and Doom's) point was that at high level play Dante is much better than Kratos because he has all the same tools (once again a plethora of burst combos, fast AP build, switching sides on attack, safe moves on block) PLUS better supers (reliable HC for level 1 and freezing level 3).

When discussing a character I thought it was assumed we are talking about that character's peak potential. Not what noobs do with a character.
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4 years ago#24
The main reason Kratos is picked is because he's dumb easy to use, no recovery time, and you are guaranteed to reach lvl 3 in FFA because he can just whoop up on the 1 scrub player and get it quick....

I'd like to think that they use em cause they LOVE God of War that much...But I know it's bull.

But i'd rather deal with him and spamming Coles and Drakes....Run away and shoot stuff!!!

User Info: sinxsader

4 years ago#25
I don't wanna give it away, but Dante IS NOT completely safe. Any real good player knows this.

That being said, maybe you can do his empty cancel in practice but it's different when it comes to intense matches.

It took my a while to get it down and dante's combos are the hardest to pull off, well his hardest ones are. They're the most rewarding too.
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User Info: 921sora

4 years ago#26
zeus is bad too... just saying...
Seriously... all of these flames are amusing that it's fun to be trolled nowadays, FLAME MORE EVERYONE! THEY ARE FUN! Official Laguna's Ragnarok Cannon of TGAE!

User Info: DireProphecy

4 years ago#27
blaze19_0X posted...
EX_Bortthog posted...
You assume FFA is nothing but bad players and 2v2 has nothing but good?

Your almost right, FFA AND 2v2 has bad players, the difference between FFA and 2v2 is 2 people cant hit each other which means the difference between a good 2v2 player and bad is if he interrupts confirms

FFA is just a cluster**** and being good is knowing who to attack when

In terms of skill:

1vs1 players>2vs2 players>FFA

Now obviously this is a generalization so it doesn't apply to everyone but that's the gist of it.

Do you mean people who play 1 v 1 are generally more skilled? This is true because 1 v 1 isn't even an option for matchmaking.

2 v 2 has a way higher skill ceiling though

User Info: Stratomaster317

4 years ago#28
If I see one, more, Kratos I'm gonna......(sigh) too late


User Info: DireProphecy

4 years ago#29
Screw those Kratos player they noob they only know 1 combo and they mash square unlike us pro Drake players we spam all buttons equally

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